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Darrell Cabey general information:

Total Net Worth-$ 2 million.
Full NameDarrell Cabey
Friend/Family members:Barry Allen, Troy Canty was the friend of Darrell Cabey.
Monthly Income-$ 20,000+
Age-Darrell Cabey is 57 years old.
height-5.9 ft / 179.832 cm
weight76 kg/ 167.551 Pounds
Date of birth-Darrell Cabey was born 1966.
NationalityDarrell Cabey Nationality is American.
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Introduction to Darrell Cabey:

Darrell Cabey gained public attention due to a tragic incident that occurred in 1984.

He was one of the victims in the case involving Bernhard Goetz, also known as the “Subway Vigilante.”

Goetz shot Cabey and three other young men on a New York City subway train on December 22, 1984.

Goetz claimed self-defense, stating that he believed the young men intended to rob him.

The incident sparked debates about vigilantism, self-defense, and race, as the victims were African American and Goetz was white.

Cabey seriously injured:

Darrell Cabey was seriously injured and left paralyzed as a result of the shooting.

The Cabeys’ families sued Goetz for damages in 1996, winning a $43 million judgment. However, Goetz faced challenges in paying the settlement.

In the legal aftermath, Goetz was charged with attempted murder, assault, and other offenses but was eventually acquitted of the most serious charges, facing only a conviction for carrying an unlicensed firearm.

The case and its aftermath raised complex issues around self-defense laws, race relations, and the use of force.

Darrell Cabey’s life was significantly impacted by the incident, and it remains a notable and controversial episode in the history of criminal justice in the United States.

Darrell Cabey Net Worth Analysis:

Darrell Cabey Net Worth 2022$ 1 million.
Net Worth 2020$ 0.5 million
Net Worth 2019$ 0.2 million
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