Paul Venis Net Worth 2024

Paul Venis Net Worth 2024 ,Salary, Age, Height, Weight, Social Media, Married, Family, Wiki Biography

Paul Venis Net Worth

Paul Venis general information:

Total Net Worth-$ 5 million.
Full NamePaul Venis
Friend/Family members:sammybaileyx is wife of Paul Venis
Monthly Income-$ 27,000+
Age-Paul Venis is 47 years old.
height-Paul Venis height is 6.1 ft / 185.928 cm
weightPaul Venis weight is 101 kg/ 222.667 Pounds
Date of birth-Paul Venis was born October 1976.
ProfessionPaul Venis is Content creator, bareknuckle fighter and body building trainer
NationalityPaul Venis Nationality is British / United Kingdom.
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Introduction to Paul Venis:

Professional background:

Paul Venis is a former world title k1 kickboxing champion. he is also providing training for fight bareknuckle .

He is also a bodybuilder and also provides training for body building .He also helps his students for weight gain and weight loss .

He always shares fighting tips and weightlifting tips through his social media accounts. If anyone wants he also provides one to one private training and dieting plans .

Personal background:

Paul is Went to St Peters RC Comprehensive, Southbank, Middlesbrough, UK. Currently he

Lives in South Bank, Redcar And Cleveland, United Kingdom.

In Cleveland he lives with his wife Sammy and his three beautiful children.

Sammy and Paul have known each other for 22 years and they got married for 7 years. paul and sammy has three children’s demi ,lenox and vienna

his little girl is dealing with Autism so paul and sammy always spreading awareness for autism through their social media handles

Paul is a dog lover. He has two bulldogs at his home. He loves spending time with them and playing with them.

Controversy with Atlas Gym Boro:

Once Atlas Gym Boro posted on social media that,

I’ve noticed the owner of mas body is pretending to buy another gym despite being a broke WOKE. You’ve got no money stop trying to beg the old members!

Paul Venis reply on that to Atlas Gym Boro,

“This is bull shit Im part of mass body and Mike Hind MBE is flying he’s the best gym owner in teeside by country mile.

It’s not just a gym it’s a family now I’ll meet anyone head on if they want to discuss this face to face 👊🏻💯 we have new equipment every year the best equipment in any gym I’ve ever been to FACT.

Now if anyone from Atlas Gym Boro wants to come discuss this today, tomorrow or anytime face to face give me a shout I’m free for the the forseable future 👍🥊💯👊🏻

Personal Struggles and Redemption:

In 2012, Paul Venis faced a three-year prison sentence for firearm offenses, having armed himself with a replica pistol after his home was shot at.

Reflecting on this period on the Anything Goes With James English podcast, Venis attributed his actions to the negative impact the incident had on his family.

Post-prison, he underwent a profound transformation, embracing Christianity and attending narcotics anonymous to overcome a longstanding addiction to drugs.

Training his own girl:

Paul’s daughter Demi enjoys bodybuilding like her dad. She goes to the gym with him, and Paul is personally coaching and guiding his own daughter in her fitness journey.

Once Paul posted on social media about his daughters passion for bodybuilding ,he posted that,

“This girl of mine has gone above and beyond in the gym the last few month.

The body transformation had been unbelievable 💯🔥💪 she’s now wanting to take it to the next level and become a bikini bodybuilder.

Her work ethic and drive to become better every day is amazing to see. She dosent complain or moan she knuckles down and pushes herself to the limit every training session 👊 I’m extremely excited for these next 8 weeks.

She’s started camp today she’s got 8 weeks to show me and @mikehind_mbe that’s she’s got what it takes to compete at a good level.

I think she’s in the best place to do it in @mas_body_gym. She’s got a great athlete and bodybuilder to follow and look upto in @ashleighsivesjackson_bikinipro who is already competing at a high level for mass body gym.

I believe @demiveniss has got what it takes to do this she’s already proven to me that she can and she will. I’m so proud of my princess after all she’s her fathers daughter and she can do what ever she puts her mind to. “

Paul Venis Net Worth Analysis:

Paul Venis Onlyfans leaked Net Worth 2022$ 2 million.
Net Worth 2020$ 1.5 million
Net Worth 2019$ 1 million
In above table Paul Venis net worth analysis is mentioned

Filming for the film:

Paul Venis is filming for the film where they play the role of “Lee Duffy “will officially begin in November.

Lee Duffy was a very scary guy in the northeast, but his life was ended by someone he considered a friend.

Away from his criminal life, he was a boxer, who had various books and films made about him.

The most recent was a film called Lee Duffy: Too Far Too Soon which was released in 2020.

He was mainly involved in the world of drugs.
His criminal dealings made many people chase after his life, but Duffy was too strong for them and he survived three attempts before his death.

Paul Venis social media :

1)Instagram1,468 posts
2,612 following
Instagram id: paulvenis22
2)Facebook6.8K followers
61 following
Facebook id: Paul Venis
3)his wifes Instagram 443 posts
718 following
Instagram 2 id: sammybaileyx
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