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⭐⭐⭐⭐Manoj Bhargava Net Worth is $500 Million in 2024.⭐⭐⭐⭐

Manoj Bhargava General Information:

Total Net Worth-$500 Million.
Full NameManoj Bhargava
Friend/Family members:Manoj Bhargava is married to Sadhna, and together they have a son named Shaan.
Age-Manoj Bhargava is 68 Years old.
height-Manoj Bhargava Height is 5 feet 5 inch / 170 cm.
weightManoj Bhargava Weight is 95 kg/209 pounds.
Birth date-Manoj Bhargava was born in Lucknow, India in 1 January 1953, and in 1967, moved with his family to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States.
Profession-Manoj Bhargava is a successful businessman of Indian-American descent. He is best known as the founder and CEO of Innovations Ventures, the company behind the popular energy supplement, 5-hour Energy.
NationalityManoj Bhargava Nationality is Indian.
In above Table Manoj Bhargava General Information is provided.

Who is Manoj Bhargava?

Manoj Bhargava is a successful businessman of Indian-American descent. He is best known as the founder and CEO of Innovations Ventures, the company behind the popular energy supplement, 5-hour Energy.

5-hour Energy: A Breakthrough Product

Bhargava’s claim to fame came with the creation of 5-hour Energy, a drink supplement designed to provide a quick boost of energy without the crash associated with traditional energy drinks. By 2012, 5-hour Energy had become a massive success, with retail sales estimated at around $1 billion.

Dropping Out of Billionaire Status

While Bhargava briefly enjoyed billionaire status on paper around 2012/2013 due to the success of 5-hour Energy, he eventually dropped out of the billionaire ranks.

Other Ventures

Apart from 5-hour Energy, Bhargava has been involved in various ventures. He launched Hans Power and Water, a water purification venture, and also assisted in the launch of Cypress Capital, an upscale financial consulting firm, alongside James Housler.

In summary, Manoj Bhargava’s entrepreneurial journey is marked by the tremendous success of 5-hour Energy and his involvement in various other ventures aimed at improving lives and businesses.

Early Life of Manoj Bhargava: From India to America

Moving to the United States

In 1967, when Manoj was a teenager, his family moved to the United States and settled in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His father pursued a doctoral degree at the prestigious Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.


Manoj attended the renowned Hill School on a math scholarship. Later, he enrolled at Princeton University in 1972 but dropped out after a year.

Career Beginnings of Manoj Bhargava

Returning to India and Exploring Monasteries

After leaving college, Manoj Bhargava returned to India and spent the next 12 years exploring monasteries owned by the Hanslok Ashram.

Working Various Jobs

During this time, Bhargava worked different office and construction jobs both in India and the US to make a living.

Joining Family Business

Later, he joined his parents’ plastic injection manufacturing company called Bhar Incorporated, based in New Haven, Indiana.

Venturing into Business Ownership

In 1990, Bhargava purchased a company specializing in making parts for outdoor furniture, marking his entry into business ownership.

Manoj Bhargava’s Fortune: 5-hour Energy and Legal Issues

5-hour Energy: The Key to Success

Manoj Bhargava’s wealth stems largely from his creation of 5-hour Energy, a drink supplement produced by his company, Innovations Ventures (trading as Living Essentials). Founded in 2004, the company is led by Bhargava himself as CEO.

The drink contains ingredients like vitamin B6, folic acid, glucuronolactone, and caffeine. However, it’s important to note that the product is not approved by the FDA. By 2012, 5-hour Energy had amassed an impressive $1 billion in retail sales.

Legal Troubles

Despite its success, both 5-hour Energy and its parent company have faced legal challenges. In 2017, Living Essentials was found guilty of deceptive practices under the Consumer Protection Act in Washington state.

The company was held accountable for misleading claims, such as implying that doctors recommended 5-hour Energy and that the product was superior to coffee. As a result, Living Essentials was ordered to pay $4.3 million in damages.

Manoj Bhargava’s Ventures: Supporting Innovation

Venturing into Diverse Fields

Manoj Bhargava has been actively involved in launching various entities and funds to foster innovation and growth.

MicroDose Life Sciences

He established MicroDose Life Sciences, a venture capital company aimed at supporting new ventures in the life sciences sector.

Stage 2 Innovations

Bhargava founded Stage 2 Innovations, a manufacturing venture laboratory focused on nurturing innovative manufacturing processes and technologies.

ETC Capital

He also established ETC Capital, a private equity fund geared towards investing in promising ventures across different industries.

Plymouth Real Estate Holdings

Bhargava initiated Plymouth Real Estate Holdings, a holding company dedicated to managing real estate assets.

Cypress Capital

Another significant venture is Cypress Capital, an upscale financial advisory firm offering consulting services primarily to affluent clients in Michigan and beyond.

Bleecker Street

In addition, Bhargava financed the founding of Bleecker Street, a film distribution company based in New York City, in 2014, showcasing his diverse interests and investments.

Manoj Bhargava Net Worth Analysis:

  • In the year 2017 Manoj Bhargava Net Worth is up to $55.50 Million.
  • In the year 2019 Manoj Bhargava Net Worth is up to $150 Million.
  • In the year 2023 Manoj Bhargava Net Worth is up to $350 Million.

Now In 2024 Manoj Bhargava Net Worth is up to $500 Million

Manoj Bhargava’s Recent Ventures

Expansion into Media

In early 2022, Manoj Bhargava made a significant move into the media industry by acquiring 90% of Freelancer Television Broadcasting. This acquisition included the NewsNet network along with Michigan-based television stations WMNN-LD and WXII-LD.

Arena Group Acquisition

The following year, Bhargava took a majority stake in the Arena Group, which owns several magazine brands, further diversifying his media portfolio.

Hydration Drink Brands

Bhargava also launched a series of new hydration drink brands, such as Cellular Hydration and Natural Glow Hydration. These brands utilize reverse-osmosis technology, originally developed through his water purification venture, Hans Power and Water.

Hans Power and Water

Launched in 2019, Hans Power and Water aims to address the global fresh-water shortage by employing innovative methods to remove contaminants from water, reflecting Bhargava’s commitment to tackling pressing global issues.

Manoj Bhargava’s Philanthropic Endeavors

Involvement in Giving Pledge

Manoj Bhargava was reportedly a member of the Giving Pledge, committing to donate 99% of his wealth to charitable causes during his lifetime.

However, in 2021, he expressed skepticism about the Giving Pledge, stating to Crain’s magazine that he was no longer participating in it, dismissing it as “a bunch of hocus pocus.”

Support for Charitable Organizations

Despite his reservations about the Giving Pledge, Bhargava is known for his support of philanthropic initiatives.

He is a supporter of the Hans Foundation and the Rural India Supporting Trust, organizations dedicated to improving the lives of people in rural India.

Power-Generating Bikes Initiative

In 2016, Bhargava announced a significant philanthropic initiative, revealing plans to distribute 10,000 stationary power-generating bikes to rural residences and villages in India. This initiative aimed to provide access to electricity to communities in need, showcasing Bhargava’s commitment to making a positive impact through practical solutions.

Manoj Bhargava’s Personal Life

Family Life

Manoj Bhargava is married to Sadhna, and together they have a son named Shaan.

The Bhargava family resides in Farmington Hills, Michigan.

FAQ’s: Manoj Bhargava

Q1). How much is Manoj Bhargava’s net worth?

Ans : Manoj Bhargava’s Net worth is $500 Million.

Q2). What is Manoj Bhargava age?

Ans : Manoj Bhargava is a 68 years old .

Q3).Where was Manoj Bhargava born?

Ans : Manoj Bhargava was born in Lucknow, India in 1 January 1953.

Q5).What is Manoj Bhargava‘s listed height?

Ans : Manoj Bhargava‘s listed height is 5 feet 5 inches (1.70meters).

Q6).Who is Manoj Bhargava?

Ans :Manoj Bhargava is a successful businessman of Indian-American descent. He is best known as the founder and CEO of Innovations Ventures, the company behind the popular energy supplement, 5-hour Energy..

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