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Andrew Wold General Information:

Total Net Worth-$ 86 million.
Full NameAndrew Robert Lee Wood
Friend/Family members:Robert Lee Wood was Andrew Woods Dad
Monthly Income-$ 27,000+
height-Andrew Wold height is 6.2 ft / 188.976 cm
weightAndrew Wold weight is 86 kg/ 189.598 Pounds
Date of birth-Builder ,Businessmen
ProfessionAndrew Wold is Builder ,Businessmen
NationalityAndrew Wold Nationality is American / United States.
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Andrew Wold and the Davenport Building Collapse:

Andrew Wold the owner of the six-story building that tragically collapsed in Davenport, Iowa, has found himself at the center of a legal and public scrutiny following the incident on May 28, resulting in the loss of three lives.

Legal Consequences:

Wold recently pleaded guilty to a civil infraction for not maintaining safe conditions in the collapsed building.

Court documents reveal that he was ordered to pay a $300 fine and $95 in court costs.

His lawyers say he accepted responsibility for a city violation but it doesn’t mean he admits negligence.

The Building Collapse:

The collapse occurred during the Memorial Day weekend, claiming the lives of residents Branden Colvin, Ryan Hitchcock, and Daniel Prien.

Dozens of apartment units were destroyed in the incident.

Lawsuits and Allegations:

Wold is currently facing lawsuits from building residents, including one from Quanishia “Peach” White Berry and her wife, Lexus Berry, seeking accountability for what they describe as “permanent and catastrophic personal injuries.”

Another lawsuit alleges negligence on Wold’s part and the city of Davenport, asserting that dangers were known but residents were not adequately warned.

Enforcement Action and Historic Tax Credits:

The city of Davenport has taken enforcement action against Wold, imposing a $300 fine and an additional $95 in court fees.

This move was aimed at preventing Wold from transferring the property to avoid demolition or larger fees.

Andrew Wold won’t get tax credits for fixing up the building anymore because of legal problems connected to the collapse.

Public Reaction and Criticisms:

The imposed fine has sparked public outrage, with some questioning its adequacy in light of the tragic consequences and ongoing legal complexities.

Critics argue that the fine seems insignificant compared to the scale of the incident.

Legal Cloud on the Property:

Legal experts suggest that the fine against Wold serves a strategic purpose beyond its nominal value.

It creates a barrier or a “cloud” on the title of the property, discouraging potential buyers.

This tactic aligns with the city’s goal of ensuring accountability and preventing the property’s transfer.

Wold’s Response:

Wold, through his attorneys, asserts that he had always acted with urgency and in good faith, investing substantial time and resources into improving the building.

Despite the legal challenges, Wold’s thoughts and prayers remain with the victims, and he expresses a commitment to working with officials to provide relief to the victims and the community at large.

Ongoing Legal Battle:

Wold faces not only the financial repercussions of the collapse but also allegations of negligence and breach of contract.

The legal proceedings shed light on the complexities surrounding property ownership, building maintenance, and the responsibilities of landlords in ensuring the safety of their tenants.

Andrew Wold Net Worth Analysis:

Andrew Wold Net Worth 2022$ 80 million.
Net Worth 2020$ 75 million
Net Worth 2019$ 65 million
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1) What happened in Davenport, Iowa, involving Andrew Wold?

Answer: A really sad thing happened on May 28 – a big building collapsed, and three people died. The owner of that building, Andrew Wold, is in trouble now. People are looking at what he did, and it’s not good.

2) what was the name of people who died in Davenport, Iowa incident?

Answer: Branden Colvin, Ryan Hitchcock, and Daniel Prien this three resident was died in Davenport, Iowa incident

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