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 Introduction to Bernhard Hugo Goetz:

In this article we are going to discuss about Bernhard Goetz. he is most popular in United states from 1984.

Actually in 1984 one day ,he meet with one incident On the New York City subway and form that day he becomes popular for that incident in the world.

Goetz was born November 7, 1947, in the Kew Gardens Queens neighborhood to German immigrants.

While growing up, Goetz lived with his parents and three older siblings in Upstate New York.

Goetz parents were Lutheran. His father was also dairy businessman in New York.

Goetz completed his schooling from Switzerland in boarding school. After that he was returned to New York and completed his electrical engineering from New York university.

Goetz and his family relocated to Orlando ,Florida for his fathers residential development business .

After relocation in few years he comes back to New York due to some family reason and he started electronics business in New York city.

Total Net Worth-$ 18 million.
Full NameBernhard Hugo Goetz (Vigilante).
Friend/Family members:Bernhard Willard (Mother).
Gertrude Goetz (Father).
Ludwig Goetz (cousin)
Defense Attorney (friend): Barry I. Slotnick (born 1939).
Defense Attorney (friend): Mark M. Baker.
Monthly Income-$ 60,000+
Age-76 years old
height-6.6 Feet / 201.168 CM.
weight69 kg / 152.119 Pounds.
Date of birth-Bernhard Goetz, born November 7, 1947.
ProfessionActor, Electrical Engineer ,nuclear engineer , Electronics Businessman in New York city.
NationalityAmerican / United States
Bernhard Goetz Net Worth 2024

What happened On December 22nd 1984 and changes Bernhard Goetz life:

This Day In History December 22nd 1984

shoots four youths on the subway. On the New York City subway, Bernhard Goetz, a 37-year-old white male, shoots four young Black men after they surround him and ask for $5.

After wounding three of the unarmed men, Goetz pointed his gun at 18-year-old Darrell Cabey, who was not wounded but cowering terrified in the subway car, and said,

“You don’t look too bad, here’s another.” Goetz then shot Cabey in the back, severing his spinal cord. Three of the youths recovered, but Cabey was paralyzed and suffered permanent brain damage.

Goetz, who fled the scene of the crime, turned himself in to police in New Hampshire nine days later.

During his subsequent interrogation, Goetz admitted on videotape that when one of the threatening young men smirked at him, he wanted to “kill them all.”

The racially motivated shooting caused considerable controversy in New York and around the country, especially after Goetz pleaded innocent to charges of attempted murder in the subsequent criminal trial.

Goetz’s lawyers argued that the men were trying to rob him and that he was only acting in self-defense, while the prosecution maintained that the four young men were merely panhandling.

The case proved particularly divisive in New York City, where racial tensions were high. In 1987, Goetz was cleared of murder and assault charges, but was convicted of illegal gun possession and served 250 days in prison.

In April 1996, Darrell Cabey won a civil lawsuit against Goetz and was awarded $43 million by a Bronx jury. Goetz declared bankruptcy soon after the rulings.

In 2001, Goetz made an unsuccessful bid for New York City mayor. In 2013 he was charged with trying to sell marijuana to an undercover police officer.

The charges were dismissed by a judge in September 2014 for lack of a speedy trial.

The Confessions of Bernhard Goetz (1987):

Bemhard Goetz shot his way into the national headlines by opening fire on four teenagers he feared were about to rob him on a New York Subway train.

When he surrendered. the “subway gunman” bared his soul in a remarkable and astonishing police videotape confession, the centerpiece of the case against him.

Full of anger and anguish, passion and insight, Goetz relives the infamous shootings, defending the right to self-defense, yet recoiling at the horror of his own violence.

Bitter at a system he believes has failed its citizens, Goetz painfully. disects the harsh realities of urban life, and emotionally recounts the fear that drove him to carry a gun.

The prosecution claimed the tape would convict him. The defense believed otherwise. Now, for the first time,

MPI Video Magazine brings uncensored portions of the stunning and spellbinding confession to the home screen, complete with analysis and commentary from Goetz jurors, supporters, and.opponents.

Victim or Vigilante? Hero or Villain? Watch this tape and you will more fully understand the historic case that continues to captivate America long after the jury has spoken.”

Bernhard Goetz Social Media Appearance:

1)Instagram23,372 posts
1,296 following
Instagram id: croninphelan
Imdb : Bernhard Goetz
2)Facebook467 likes
Facebook Account: “Bernard ” Bernie” Goetz “
The Subway Vigilanti”
Bernhard Goetz Social Media Appearance:

Bernhard Goetz Net Worth 2024:

Bernhard Goetz Net Worth 2023 is $ 18 million. This income he generated from various investment his electronics business and perusing Career in acting . 

He is an actor, known for Sliver Night (2005),Every Move You Make (2002) and Fame For 15 (2001).

Goetz belongs to business family Although his father had been trained as a scientist and engineer in Germany, he turned to business here.

He attended New York University and went to work for a bookbinding company in Queens.

In a few years, he owned the company, Mutual Specialty Products, which made picture frames and albums for weddings and bar mitzvahs.

In the early 1940’s, Mr. Goetz bought a 300-acre dairy farm near Clinton, N.Y., in Dutchess County, and for some years he ran the bookbinding company during the week and the farm on weekends. In 1949, when Bernhard was 2, the family moved to the farm.

Soon, however, they moved to nearby Rhinebeck. In 1960, Mr. Goetz bought the Silver Lake Dairy, an eight-county distributorship that the family still owns. A few years later, he moved the bookbinding company to Rhinebeck.

In Rhinebeck, the family built three red-brick homes on Wynkoop Lane, living in one and renting the others. By the 1950’s, his father became a major property owner in Rhinebeck.

Film making of this Popular incident:

There are many roomers in the people of the New York that, the film jocker released in 2019 was inspired by Bernhard Goetz .

because the writer , director and producer of film Todd Phillips was grew up in New York City and remembered the 1984 subway shooting from his youth.

In 2020, Netflix released Trial by media , with a full episode, called “Subway Vigilante” covering Bernhard Goetz and the 1984 subway shooting


Question 1): What are the names of four young men shoot by Bernhard Goetz?

Answer: 19-year-olds Barry Allen, Troy Canty, and Darrell Cabey, and 18-year-old James Ramseur this four young men shoot by Bernhard Goetz

Question 2): what is exact date of 1984 subway shooting?

Answer: December 22, 1984 was the exact date of 1984 subway shooting

Question 3): Is Bernhard Goetz married?

Answer: Yes he was married in 1971 with Elizabeth Boylan. They met on a train from New York to Rhinecliff.

Question 4) what is Bernhard Goetz Wife’s Name?

Answer: Elizabeth Boylan was the name of Bernhard Goetz Wife and they had divorce in1975.

Question 5) where is Bernhard Goetz Today?

Answer: He was ultimately cleared of attempted murder and served less than a year in jail for illegal firearms possession. today, Goetz is still living in New York City

Question 6) where is Bernhard Goetz Family Today?

Answer: Bernhard Willard and Gertrude Goetz are the parents of Bernhard Goetz today they are staying in New Home in Florida which is situated in semirural area east of Orland.

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