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Mary Luana Williams nick name is “Lulu” his mother and the people who close to Mary called her by her nick name lulu.

Mary was born on October 13, 1967 at East Oakland , California. Mary Williams Nationality is American. she is Author and American social activist.

Williams worked as a fund-raiser for the International Rescue Committee in their Atlanta office.

When she saw refugees coming in from Sudan, she developed a passion for working with them ,She founded the Lost Boys Foundation.

A group that works with the Lost Boys Of Sudan to help them after they have been displaced by Sudan war.

Mary Williams is the author of the children’s book Brothers in Hope: The Story of the Lost Boys of Sudan. She has also written for McSweeney’s and O, The Oprah Magazine.

Total Net Worth-$ 8 million.
Full NameMary Luana Williams.
Friend/Family members:(Parents): Jane Fonda, Tom Hayden.
(biological Parents): Randy Williams, Mary Williams.

(Grandparents): Henry Fonda, Frances Ford Seymour, John Francis Hayden, Genevieve Isabelle Hayden.
(GreatGrandparents): Eugene Ford Seymour, William Brace Fonda, Elma Herberta Fonda, Sophie Mildred Seymour.
Cousins: (via Jane Fonda)Bridget Fonda ,Justin Fonda, Pilar Corrias.
Monthly Income-$ 60,000+
Age-55 years old
height-6.1 Feet /185.928 CM.
weight78 kg / 171.961 Pounds.
Date of birth-Born On October 13, 1967.
ProfessionAuthor, activist, National Park Service Ranger.
NationalityAmerican / United States
Mary Luana Williams Net Worth 2024

Mary Luana Williams Previous life and How she meet with Fonda:

Mary Williams is the fifth daughter of Randy and Mary Williams. Mary’s parents were members of the Black Panther Party.

Black Panther Party was an organization that aimed to stop police treating African-Americans badly and to help those who didn’t have jobs, education, or healthcare.

This organization was important to them, and they were a part of it. The whole period was really intense and full of turmoil, as described by Williams later on in once of her interview.

The family lived in East Oakland, California, during a tough time. It was when there was a lot of fighting about the Vietnam War, race conflicts, and the Civil Rights Movement.

They were right in the middle of all this chaos.

Mary’s dad, Randy, was an important person in a Black Panther group. They had a strong structure like an army.

They did something called the Armed Citizens’ Patrol, where they followed the police and looked after neighborhoods. They were ready to protect black people if they were in trouble with the police.

Mary Luana Williams Net Worth Analysis:

Mary Luana Williams Net Worth 2023 $ 8 Million.
Mary Luana Williams Net Worth 2022$ 7.5 Million.
Mary Luana Williams Net Worth 2021$ 6 Million.
Mary Luana Williams Net Worth 2020$ 5.5 Million.
Mary Luana Williams Net Worth 2019$ 5 Million.
Mary Luana Williams Net Worth Analysis

In 1970, when Mary was just four years old, her dad and other Panthers saw some police arresting black people for using marijuana.

They jumped in to help and got into a fight with the police. They hurt three officers and ran away. The police chased them in many cars, and the Panthers tried to stop them by throwing fire bombs.

Mary’s dad was caught, charged with a serious crime, and got sent to a prison near Soledad, California, for seven years.

Mary’s mom had to take care of Mary and her five siblings all by herself. But things got really hard. Her mom started to hurt them and had a problem with drinking. One of Mary’s siblings ran away, and another started doing bad things like prostitution and using drugs.

Mary and her brothers and sisters got a chance to go to a camp called Laurel Springs Children’s Camp, started by someone named Fonda.

It was near Santa Monica, California. Mary got to know Fonda while she was at the camp and went back there multiple times, even when her siblings didn’t go.

Mary Luana Williams Social Media:

1)Instagram931 posts
154 following
Instagram id: janefonda
2)TwitterJoined January 2009
729 following
Twitter id: janefonda
3)Facebook 675K followers
6 following
Facebook id: Jane Fonda
4)youtubewebsiteYouTube Link: Mary Williams
Mary Luana Williams Social Media

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