John Scher Net Worth 2024.

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Introduction to John Scher the Famous concert promoter:

john Scher is most popular concert promoter ,Producer, Production Manager, President of Metropolitan Entertainment Consulants LLC from United States.

He was belongs to South Orange New Jersey. John Scher Went to Mountain High School West Orange New Jersey. And he is Studied at Long Island University (Brooklyn) Testing Center.

He went to college at Long Island University (Brooklyn) Testing Center. He got his first experience promoting concerts there.

One summer, around 1969 or 1970, he worked at the Sunshine Inn in Asbury Park. He organized shows there.

The Sunshine Inn was close to the beach, maybe one or two blocks away. It was a big open space with a stage at one end.

He got introduced to Bruce Springsteen and Steve Van Zandt. They might have been performing as Steel Mill or another early group.

Tinker, another person, told John about them. They were really good at playing music in bars at that time. Bruce and Steve were just starting their careers as songwriters.

They played at the Sunshine Inn a lot, maybe six times over the summer. John became friends with them during this time.

John Scher Net Worth 2024

Total Net Worth-$ 14 million.
Full NameJohn Scher.
Friend/Family members:Friend: Michael Lang  who was the co-founder of Woodstock
Monthly Income-$ 60,000+
Age-55 years old
height-5.7 Feet /173.736 CM.
weight72 kg / 158.733 Pounds.
Date of birth-Born On October 13, 1967.
Professionconcert promoter ,Producer, Production Manager, President of Metropolitan Entertainment Consulants LLC
NationalityAmerican / United States
John Scher Net Worth 2024

John Scher‘s professional journey:

John Schers professional life is very interesting. his carrier graph is very long .

His age is almost 73 years old and he professional life experience is almost of 53 years .Because he started working from his school days and you can get surprise when you got to know that John Scher is collage dropout student.

Scher was President of Metropolitan Entertainment LLC from Jun 1971 – Present · he is president for President of Metropolitan Entertainment LLC almost 52 yrs 3 months.

He is also Founding Board member REX Foundation from Jan 1984 – Present · Almost 39 yrs 8 months back he founded REX Foundation.

John Scher is also Former Board Member of Cancer Institute of New Jersey Cancer Institute of New Jersey from Sep 2000 – Sep 2015 · For almost 15 years he was Board Member of Cancer Institute of New Jersey Cancer Institute.

He was also President of Polygram Diversified Entertainment Oct 1989 – Jan 1995 · for almost 5 years and 4 months he was President.

In 1971, Scher changed a movie theater called the Capitol Theatre in Passaic, NJ, into a place for concerts.

He also started organizing concerts at the Casino in Asbury Park. Up the boardwalk, Moe Septee was a promoter at the bigger Convention Hall.

Scher says, “He was a really nice and fascinating person. He didn’t really know much about the music happening right now.

It’s funny to think about it now, but he actually believed the booking agents would give him the right concerts. He had been doing this for a while.

When I was a teenager, I used to go to concerts. During summers, I often went to Bradley Beach, and my friends and I would walk to Asbury Park to attend Moe Septee’s Summer of Stars shows.”

John Scher opinion on Live Nation and Ticketmaster:

John Scher, says that the merger between Live Nation and Ticketmaster has led to a monopoly in the industry.

The monopoly ends the competition, resulting in extortionately high prices taken from eager customers’ pockets.

According to CNBC, Ticketmaster is the largest ticket vendor in the world which Live Nation owns, accounts for over 70% of all tickets sold in the United States.

Many of its detractors have referred to it as a monopoly in the sector because it owns music venues and manages tours.

Countless fans are now unhappy with an industry that was previously welcoming and entertaining to everybody.

John Scher says that “I’ve been a concert promoter since the ’70s. I watched a business that was once very competitive while being fair and honest for the fans, the artists, and regional promoters. Unfortunately, that business no longer exists, mainly because of the juggernaut that Live Nation has become,”

Unfortunately, ticket costs have skyrocketed due to Live Nation’s monopoly on the concert industry, Prices for tickets are at all-time highs.

Service charges are not at all decreased. And 80 of the top 100 arenas in the nation still sell tickets through Ticketmaster, a subsidiary of the Live Nation conglomerate.

No other business owns more than a few. No rival has emerged to contend with its dominance ,as per New York times.

Scher also says that “let’s not forget that during the past ten years, ticket prices and service charges have become astronomically higher.

On top of this, Ticketmaster has also gotten into the secondary market (scalping). This is a mess, and after more than ten years of this monopoly, something must be done to protect the fans and keep competition viable.

Interesting Conversation with Springsteen:

During that time, there’s a particular conversation Scher remembers having with Springsteen. Springsteen went to one of the shows at Convention Hall, even though neither he nor Scher were very interested in the performer.

They decided to take a stroll down the boardwalk to a place called Mrs. Jay’s, known for its great hot dogs. Scher recalls the memory clearly.

As they walked, they chatted about various things. People passed by, and interestingly, they recognized Springsteen and greeted him with things like ‘Hey, Boss!’ or ‘Hi, Boss!’ It’s

important to note that calling Bruce “the Boss” had become somewhat of a nickname for him, but usually, people would say it behind his back.

There was this idea that you shouldn’t say it to his face. However, on this occasion, everyday people on the boardwalk were saying it directly to him.

Sitting at Mrs. Jay’s, both enjoying some hot dogs, Scher turned to Springsteen and asked a question.

He said, ‘I have to ask you something.’ Springsteen replied, ‘Sure, what’s on your mind?’ Scher continued, ‘I’ve noticed that people often call you “the Boss” when you’re not around, but I’ve

never seen anyone say it to your face. Does that bother you?’ Springsteen answered, ‘No, not at all. I actually like it.’

John Scher Net Worth Analysis:

John Scher Net Worth 2023$ 14 million
John Scher Net Worth 2022$ 13 million
John Scher Net Worth 2021$ 11 million
John Scher Net Worth 2020$ 12 million
John Scher Net Worth 2019$ 10 million
John Scher Net Worth Analysis

John Scher Social Media Appearance:

1)LinkedIn500+ connections
LinkedIn id: John Scher
2)Facebook2000 followersFacebook Account: John Scher
John Scher Social Media Appearance:

Question 1) What is John Scher religion?

Answer: he comes from a white ethnic background and follows the Christian religion

Question 2) What is John Scher Age?

Answer: he was born in Lakes, California, in 1951, and as of 2022, he is 57 years old .

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