Yassine Chueko Gehalt, Herkunft ,Eltern, Afkomst, Ethnicity 2024

yassine chueko Gehalt ,herkunft ,eltern, afkomst, ethnicity

des: Yassine Chueko with Lionel Messi.

Yassine Chueko Allgemeine Informationen:

Yassine Chueko is a famous MMA fighter who gained attention when he became the official bodyguard of soccer superstar Lionel Messi at Inter Miami. He originally hails from Morocco and also holds US citizenship. Chueko has a background in the US Navy and served as a Navy Seal, with deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Chueko was recommended for his role by former England captain and Inter Miami co-owner David Beckham. He is not the sole bodyguard but leads a team of around 50 members responsible for ensuring Messi’s safety in Miami.

He has a notable presence on social media, sharing videos of his involvement in Mixed Martial Arts and other combat sports. Chueko gained recognition for his swift actions in protecting Messi from pitch invaders during soccer matches.

He even received an unusual offer from an interesting website to become their ‘Martial Arts Ambassador,’ which included posting content, giving self-defense tutorials, and more, with a potential salary and income opportunities.

In summary, Yassine Chueko is a former Navy Seal and MMA fighter known for his role as Lionel Messi’s bodyguard in Miami, where he ensures the safety of the soccer legend, both on and off the field.

Yassine Chueko ethnicity,Yassine Chueko herkunft ,Yassine Chueko eltern:

Yassine Chueko has mixed ethnicities. His father is from Morocco, and his mother is from France. They got married and settled in California, America.

Yassine was born in 1989 in California, America. After completing his high school, he joined the US Navy SEALs and received recognition and medals for his service in the US Navy SEALs.

Yassine Chueko Gehalt Ananlysis:

The tough bodyguard, hired by David Beckham to keep Messi safe, makes a hefty salary of about $250,000 every month. His annual earnings from Inter Miami add up to around $3 million as per his contract.

So ,Yassine Chueko Gehalt per month is 250,000 US Dollars .had he is also verdient extra money through his contract with Inter Miami.

Robert Taylor dressed up as Yassine Chueko for a Halloween party:

Inter Miami player Robert Taylor dressed up as Lionel Messi’s bodyguard, Yassine Chueko, for a Halloween party.

He shared pictures of his costume on Instagram, including a fake beard, a swimming cap to look bald, and padded muscles on his arms.

In his post, Taylor said, “Work never stops.” He tagged Chueko, and Chueko responded with laughing and applause emojis.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question1 ) What is current age of Yassine Chueko?

Answer: Now in the year 2023,the current age of Yassine Chueko is 34 years old.

Question2 ) Who is the wife of Yassine Chueko?

Answer: There is no information available about Yassine Chueko married life.

Question 3 ) What is the nationality of Yassine Chueko?

Answer: Yassine Chueko’s nationality is American .

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