Chloe Metrose Net Worth 2024

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Chloe Metrose Current Net Worth is $ 3 Million.

Chloe Metrose General information :

Chloe Metrose Net Worth

Total Net Worth-$ 3 million
Full NameChloe Ian Metrose.
Friend/Family members:Lauri Metrose and Ian Metrose are the parents of Chloe Metrose.
Monthly Income-$ 8 000+
Age-Chloe Metrose is 20 years old.
height-Chloe Metrose height is 5 feet 5 inch / 167.64 cm
weightChloe Metrose weight is 59 kg/ 130.073 Pounds
Date of birth-Chloe Metrose was Born On November 21, 2002.
ProfessionChloe Metrose is Social media influencer by Profession
NationalityChloe Metroses Nationality is American.
In above table Chloe Metrose General Information is provided.

Introduction to Chloe Metrose:

Chloe Metrose is a popular content creator from the United States, known for her content in the fashion and beauty fields. Through her social media channels, she shares tips related to fashion and provides tutorials on how to get ready.

Chloe was born on November 21, 2002, and currently, she is 20 years old. She enjoys traveling and attending live concerts of popular figures in the United States.

She is a big fan of Taylor Swift. She visited Sofi Stadium on August 21 for a Taylor Swift event. She also attended Harry Styles’ Harry House event on January 30.

Chloe Metrose digital journey:

Chloe Metrose started making digital content on TikTok in April 2022. She keeps making videos that lots of different people like .she makes makeup tutorials, dance trends, situational comedy related videos.

Many people know her on TikTok for her videos where she gets ready, shows off cool outfits, and shares what she buys while shopping.

This helps her followers see what she’s into when it comes to fashion and her way of life.

Chloe has quickly made a name for herself across social media platforms, including TikTok and Instagram. She had over 220,000 dedicated fans and ticktalk and 4000 followers on Instagram and number is continuously growing

One of Chloe’s most popular videos on TikTok is a “get ready with me” vlog in which she prepares for a bat mitzvah. This video alone has garnered over 4 million views.

Chloe Metrose Family:

Chloe Metrose is also known as the daughter of Lauri Metrose and Ian Metrose, who are well-known figures in the US entertainment industry.

She has a younger sister named Lexi Metrose, who is 14 years old. Chloe Metrose’s grandparent is Fanny Krasner Lebovits.

Chloe Metrose Net Worth Analysis:

  • In the year 2021 Chloe Metrose Net Worth was $1 million.
  • In the year 2021 Chloe Metrose Net Worth was $2 million.

As of now in the years 2024 Chloe Metrose Net Worth is $3 million.

Chloe Metrose Social Media:

Chloe Metrose Birthday Fundraiser:

Lauri Metrose, Chloe’s mom, organized a special fundraiser for Chloe’s 8th birthday.

The reason was that Chloe had to go to Children’s Hospital LA due to some health complications. During Chloe’s time in the hospital, the doctors and nurses provided excellent care.

Lauri was so grateful for the hospital’s support that she decided to help them as well. She used the $8,298 USD raised in the fundraiser and added her own money to it.

Then, she donated this amount to the hospital as a way to say thank you for the care they provided to Chloe.

It was a meaningful way for the family to celebrate Chloe’s birthday and give back to the hospital that helped them during a difficult time.

Frequently Asked Question:

Question 1) What is current age of Chloe Metrose?

Answer: currently in the year 2023 Chloe Metrose is 20 years old.

Question 2) who are the parents of Chloe Metrose?

Answer: Lauri Metrose and Ian Metrose are the parents of Chloe Metrose.

Question 3) what is current net worth of Chloe Metrose?

Answer: Chloe Metrose net worth id $3 million.

Question 4) where does Chloe Metrose live?

Answer: Chloe Metrose lives in Los Angeles, California with his family


Chloe Metrose is a rising star in the world of digital content creation. She belongs to a well-to-do family but still started her own business and continued her journey with content creation.

Through her content, she teaches people how to do makeup and shares the latest fashion tips with her followers. Additionally, she also sells products through her online store on Amazon.

Overall, she is doing well in her life and continually improving. In the next few days, we might see Chloe on the list of top fashion influencers.

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