Viola Viveros Net Worth 2024

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Viola Viveros net worth 2024 is $ 5 million.

Viola Viveros net worth 2024 Introduction :

Viola Viveros may not be as well-known as her sister Paquita La del Barrio, but she played an important role as a backup singer for the famous Mexican artist, although her contributions are often overlooked.

While Paquita gained fame and became an icon, Viola made significant sacrifices by putting her own career on hold to support her sister’s success.

This article sheds light on Viola Viveros’ life, her net worth ,her valuable contributions, their separation, and their eventual reunion after twenty years of silence.

Total Net Worth-$ 5 million.
Full NameViola Viveros.
Friend/Family members:famous Mexican artist Paquita La del Barrio is vivolas is sister.
Monthly Income-$ 30,000+
Age-54 years
height-5.7 Feet / 173.736 CM
weight68 kg / 149.914 lbs
Date of birth-born in Alto Lucero Ver
Professionsinger .
NationalityMexican / Maxico .
Viola Viveros net worth 2024

Early Years and ‘Las Golondrinas’:

In their childhood and youth, Viola and Paquita combined their talents and dreams to form a musical duo called ‘Las Golondrinas’.

They worked together extensively early in their careers to improve their skills. However, their paths diverged as soon as Paquita began to gain recognition as a solo artist.

In 1977 to 1981 Viola went to concerts in parts of South America, then returned to Mexico and continued singing in various parts of the Mexican Republic.

She left his career for a while and returned to the year 1998 to perform on stages in the United States like New York, Los Angeles CA, Las Vegas Nevada, Carolina Del Norte, Carolina Del Sur, Chicago,, Houston,etc.

In the Continent of Europe like Madrid.
It has been presented in an infinity of programs on Televisa, TvAzteca, Cadena Tres, among many more…

Rise to fame of Paquita la del Barrio:

Paquita La del Barrio emerged as one of Mexico’s most famous and sought-after singers.

Despite facing many hardships, including a challenging youth and becoming a mother at a young age, Paquita pursued her dream of becoming a singer.

Leaving her older husband, she moved from Veracruz to Mexico City, with the unwavering support of her mother and sister Viola.

Net Worth 2023$ 5 million
Net Worth 2022$ 4 million
Net Worth 2021$ 3 million
Net Worth 2020$ 2 million
Net Worth 2019$ 1.8 million
Net Worth 2018$ 1.5 million
Net Worth 2017$ 1 million
Viola Viveros net worth 2024 Analysis

Paquita’s repulsion towards Mexican masculinity:

Throughout her career, Paquita used her powerful voice to address misogynistic aspects of Mexican culture.

Paquita la del barrio’s lyrics touched the hearts of women who had faced similar hardships, making her a symbol of strength for female empowerment.

Her remarkable singing talent, along with her personal experiences with men, catapulted her into the limelight and established her as a beloved figure.

Fracture and Dislocation:

As Paquita’s fame grew, she experienced terrible personal issues, such as battling alcohol addiction, which had a significant impact on her life.

Unfortunately, Paquita had to deal with the heartbreaking loss of her two sons as well as the death of her mother. These terrible circumstances brought her to tears.

Overwhelmed by sadness, Paquita blamed Viola for these tragedies, producing a split in their relationship.

For twenty long years, the sisters remained distant from each other, their bond strained by pain and resentment.

Reunion and Reconciliation:

In 2018, Viola attended a performance of Paquita, which marked a turning point in their relationship.

Concerned for her sister, Viola sacrifices her career to protect Paquita’s image.

This meeting led to a heart-to-heart talk, healed old wounds and revived their sisterly relationship.

It was a bittersweet reunion after two decades of silence and distance.

1)InstagramViola Viveros Instagram id: @violadorantes
Viola Viveros Social Media

Viola Viveros net worth 2024 Conclusion :

Viola Viveros may not have achieved the same level of fame as her sister, Paquita La del Barrio, but her role in supporting and sacrificing for her sister’s success is undeniable.

Through their trials and tribulations, the sisters experience separation but ultimately find solace in their reconciliation.

Viola’s unwavering support and sacrifice played a key role in Paquita’s rise to stardom, cementing their stories forever as lasting proof of the power of brotherhood.


Who is Viola Viveros and what is her connection to Paquita la del Barrio?

—>Viola Viveros is the sister of the famous Mexican singer Paquita la del Barrio. She played a crucial role in supporting Paquita’s career and success, sacrificing her own aspirations to ensure her sister’s image and reputation remained intact

What was Viola’s contribution to Paquita’s journey to fame?

—>During their childhood and youth, Viola and Paquita formed a musical duo called ‘Las Golondrinas.’ They collaborated and supported each other in the early stages of their careers. Viola’s unwavering support and talents helped Paquita gain recognition and establish herself as a solo artist.

Why did Viola and Paquita become estranged?

—>The sisters experienced a fractured relationship when Paquita faced personal struggles, including alcoholism, and went through heartbreaking losses, such as the death of her two sons and their mother. Paquita blamed Viola for these tragedies, leading to a separation that lasted for two decades.

What is Viola’s legacy in relation to Paquita’s success?

—>Although Viola may not have attained the same level of fame as Paquita, her unwavering support and sacrifices played a crucial role in her sister’s rise to stardom. Viola’s selflessness and dedication exemplify the power of sisterhood and the significant role she played behind the scenes in Paquita’s success.

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