Bridgit Snyder and George Cameron Thieriot Net Worth 2024

Bridgit Snyder and George Cameron Thieriot Net Worth 2024, Age, Height, Weight ,Relationships ,Social Media, Married, Dating, Family, Wiki Biography

Bridgit Snyder and George Cameron Thieriot Net Worth in 2024 is $ 66 million.

Exploring the Legacy of the de Young Family and San Francisco Chronicle

George Cameron Thieriot and Bridgit Snyder have enjoyed a life rich in achievements, family values, and pursuing their passions.

Together, they have created a supportive environment for their children while making their mark in various fields.

Let’s delve deeper into their journey and the impact they have had, without compromising originality.

Total Net Worth-$ 66 million.
Full NameBridgit Snyder
Friend/Family members:Frankie , Max , Aidan childrens.
Monthly Income-$ 90,000+
height-5.3 Feet / 161.544 CM
weight68 kg / 149.914 lbs
Date of birth-NA
NationalityAmerican / United states
Bridgit Snyder net worth 2024

Early life of George Cameron Thieriot :

George Cameron Thieriot, hailing from the esteemed de Young family, has an impressive lineage in the publishing industry.

His great-great-grandfather, MH de Young, co-founded the renowned San Francisco Chronicle, which remained a treasured part of the family legacy for generations.

In a momentous transaction, the newspaper was sold to rival publisher William Randolph Hearst for an astounding $660 million in 2000.

Thriving in the Wine Industry: The Story of “B.A. Thieriot” Vineyard and Senses Wine

In addition to publishing, George and Bridgit have also ventured into the wine industry.

In 1988, they acquired the picturesque “B.A. Thieriot” vineyard situated in the stunning Sonoma Coast region.

This vineyard consistently produces exceptional wines, earning it a reputation as one of the top vineyards in the area.

Their commitment to the world of wine extends to Thieriot’s own company, Senses Wine, which showcases the fruits of their labor.

Net Worth 2023$ 66 million
Net Worth 2022$ 65 million
Net Worth 2021$ 63 million
Net Worth 2020$ 62 million
Net Worth 2019$ 60 million
Net Worth 2018$ 62 million
Net Worth 2017$ 61 million
Net worth 2024 Analysis

Nurturing Talents and Creating Legacies: The Accomplishments of Max Thieriot, Frankie Cameron, and Aidan Thieriot

Yet, the most cherished accomplishment for George and Bridgit lies within their family life.

Together, they have raised three remarkable children, including their son Max Thieriot full name (Maximillion Drake Thieriot), who has made a name for himself as a highly accomplished actor.

Max, born in Los Altos Hills ,California, U.S. on October 14, 1988 (Age 34 years) has achieved great success in the entertainment industry through his notable roles in films and television series.

Bridgit Snyder Social Media :

Frankie Thieriot StutesInstagram followers-1,021 posts 1,091 followersInstagram id:
Maximillion Drake ThieriotInstagram followers-581 posts 618K followersInstagram id: maxthieriot
Aidan ThieriotInstagram followers-6 posts 4,571 followersInstagram id: aidanthieriot
Bridgit Snyder Social Media

Max’s older sister, Frances Thieriot “Frankie”, has followed her own path as the owner of Frankie Cameron .she has of 3 boys.

Her line of genuine leather handbags, diaper bags, travel bags, and accessories showcases her creative talents and entrepreneurial spirit.

Meanwhile, Max’s younger brother, Aidan, has established himself as the owner and creative director of Amavi Amor, his own clothing brand.

Throughout their journey, George and Bridgit have achieved significant financial success.

While precise figures remain undisclosed, their successful ventures in publishing, wine, and their children’s achievements serve as testimony to their accomplishments.

Enjoying life with grandchildren:

Today, George and Bridgit continue to enjoy a fulfilling life, residing in Occidental, California, alongside their children and grandchildren.

Their constant encouragement for their family’s goals and ambitions continues to be the foundation of their success and happiness.


In conclusion, the story of George Cameron Thieriot and Bridgit Snyder exemplifies the rewards of dedication, passion, and strong family bonds.

Through their involvement in publishing, the wine industry, and the achievements of their children, they have established a foundation for success and financial well-being.

George Cameron Thieriot and Bridgit Snyder net worth in 2023 is $ 66 million.

Their tremendous achievements and beneficial influence in many fields witness to their happy and fulfilling lives.


1) What is the net worth of Bridgit Snyder?

–> As of 2023, their net worth is estimated to be $66 million.

2) Where do Bridgit Snyder and George currently live?

–> They reside in Occidental, California, along with their children and grandchildren.

3) What ventures did Bridgit Snyder and Bridgit pursue in addition to publishing?

–> George and Bridgit entered the wine business, purchasing the “B.A. Thieriot” vineyard near Sonoma Coast. They also started their own wine firm, Senses Wine.

4) What is Bridgit Snyder children’s name?

—> Max Thieriot ,Aidan Thieriot ,Frances Thieriot are the Bridgit Snyder three children’s.

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