Vilma Tarazona Cirugias Net Worth 2024

Vilma Tarazona Cirugias Net worth 2024 , Age, Height, Weight, Social Media, Married, Family, Wiki Biography.

Vilma Tarazona Cirugias Net Worth 2024:

Total Net Worth-$ 7 Million.
Full NameVilma Tarazona Cirugias
Friend/Family members:Vilma Tarazona Cirugias son: Oliver Strong
Vilma Tarazona Cirugias Husband: Simson Strong
Monthly Income-$ 60,000+
height-6.2 Feet / 188.976 CM.
weight86 kg / 189.598 Pounds.
Date of birth-
ProfessionPeriodista. Journalist. Univision. National Correspondent
NationalityAmerican / United States
Vilma Tarazona Cirugias Net Worth 2024

Vilma Tarazona Cirugias Personal life:

Vilma Tarazona is a Colombian news anchor. Vilma Tarazona is working at Univision in a news service called Noticias Univision.

Vilma is mother of two twin boys Oliver and Edward. Vilma Tarazona was wife of Financial Times reporter Simon Strong. They raised their children’s in very nice manner.

Vilma Tarazona and Simon Strong is very good in their work and due to perfection in work they are most popular reporters in the Colombia.

After many years of successful married life Recently had divorced.

Vilma and Simon had gone through very ups and downs in their life they loss their little boy Oliver at the age of 12.

Oliver had advanced cancer. Since the death of his son, they discovered that leucemia is the disorder which is the most responsible for the deaths of children in Columbia.

Due to this Vilma Tarazona and Simon Strong founded The Oliver Forever Strong Foundation .

The OFS foundation promotes the need to identify the causes of pediatric cancer and raises funds towards this research, principally via soccer-related events and activities on a rolling, per project basis in the United States and Latin America

Vilma Tarazona Cirugias Net Worth Analysis:

Vilma Tarazona Cirugias Net Worth 2023 $ 7 Million.
Vilma Tarazona Cirugias Net Worth 2022$ 6 Million.
Vilma Tarazona Cirugias Net Worth 2021$ 4 Million.
Vilma Tarazona Cirugias Net Worth 2020$ 5 Million.
Vilma Tarazona Cirugias Net Worth 2019$ 4 Million.
Vilma Tarazona Cirugias Net Worth Analysis

Vilma Tarazona Cirugias Thoughts:

Vilma Tarazona Cirugias regularly posting her thoughts on Facebook some of them are as followes:

“I remember when our son Oliver found that starfish. Two months later his life shattered without warning. Six years ago today and the pain is still the same.”

“This weekend Oliver should have graduated from high school but life did not allow him to see that day.

Thank you so much to the class of 2021 at Palmer Trinity School for leaving a bench to the school as a present in memory of our Oliver. “Our own angel always watching over us”

“I felt very excited to be able to get my covid 19 vaccine today. Since the pandemic started I haven’t stopped being on the street, reporting news straight from where they are produced. I have been able to report to you what is happening inside hospitals, the intensive care units where covid patients are, from agricultural fields, from the homes of families affected by covid, etc. Always well protected with responsibility. Having the first dose of the vaccine gives me great relief, but I also know that I have to keep taking care of myself, keeping social distance, hand hygiene and wearing masks. We are still learning from COVID. We are already seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.”

“This 6-year-old girl found a toy boat in the Florida sea that has made her go around the world sailing against wind and tide, breaking world records. The tiny boat survived two hurricanes and has a geo locator or GPS that allows it to track. He must now return to Scotland where he started from.”

“The prestigious Oxford University in England revealed a study that claims the vaccine from the pharmaceutical AstraZeneca could not only prevent people with covid 19 from ending up in an intensive care unit but could also substantially prevent infection. It’s the first known time that one of the covid vaccines can prevent infection. The scientific community around the world says this is very good news. The vaccine is not available in the U.S. yet but the medical community hopes that once it meets requirements it will be approved and an option in this country. “

“The Biden administration announced today that it will purchase 200 million more doses of covid-19 vaccines and will be available by the summer. Half will be modern and the other half will be Phizer. He also said that starting next week the states of the nation will receive a 16% weekly increase in the number of doses.”

Vilma Tarazona Cirugias Social media:

1)Instagram472 posts
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Instagram id: vilmatarazona
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Facebook id: Vilma Tarazona
3)TwitterJoined February 2012
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Twitter Account: @VILMATARAZONA
4)Tick talk7,043 Followers.Tick talk Account: Vilma Tarazona
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