Dougie Joyce Net Worth 2024

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Dougie Joyce Net Worth:

Total Net Worth-$ 25 Million.
Full NameDougie Joyce .
Friend/Family members:Holly Joyce is wife of Dougie Joyce. She is 28 years old.
Margaret Joyce Mother of Dougie Joyce .she is now 56 years old.
Johnny Joyce Father of Dougie Joyce.
Holly’s dad, Hugo, 72 years old.
Monthly Income-$ 80,000+
Age-33 years old.
height-6.3 Feet /192.024 CM.
weight90 kg / 198.416 Pounds.
Date of birth-
ProfessionTraveller,British Businessman, Founder and president of 3D Fight Club
NationalityBritish/United Kingdom.
Dougie Joyce Net Worth 2023

Dougie Joyce Introduction:

Dougie Joyce is Founder and president of 3D Fight Club located in united kingdom. Dougie Joyce is hoping to change people’s perception of bare-knuckle boxing and MMA with his upcoming events.

Joyce founded the combat sport organisation two years ago and believes the concept is unique.

Bare-knuckle does not have a governing body regulating the sport but Joyce, speaking to MEN Sport, wants to end the stigma surrounding a sport he has grown up with.

“We have created this because people have made it sound barbaric,” Joyce said. “So people will be afraid to approach it and think ‘oh it’s bare-knuckle, oh it’s bloody, it’s this, that and the other’.

Joyce is putting on a 10-fight card on June 17 and it will be co-main evented by Kris George vs John Walker and Glenn Moore vs Kieran Russell. Also on the card is:

  • Ryley Stansbury vs Tony McIntosh
  • Mahamed Amur vs Elliot Moss
  • Conor Palombella vs Stephan Murray
  • Tom Stack vs Seamus Devlin
  • Lukasz Kuziola vs Kofi Marshall
  • Brandon Harden vs TBC
  • Dale McFarland vs David Adams
  • Leroy Fearon vs TBC

Dougie Joyce Family life:

Dougie Joyce is Total family man. He leaves with his family in his big house which is located at Manchester.

Dougie Joyce Wife:

He married with his wife holly in July 2022.Dougie and holly met online andAfter three years of dating they got married.

Holly’s dad, Hugo, 72, who has sadly recently passed away. he was initially hesitant about his daughter dating the bare-knuckle fighter and owner of 3D Fight Club, as he was once a bare-knuckle fighter himself and knew the risks.

Dougie proposed at the gender reveal party for their daughter Oceanna, at their home in Manchester in December 2020, and the pair tied the knot in an extravagant ceremony at the Gorton Monastery, Manchester, in July 2022.

The lavish do cost over £60k, and included four Rolls Royces, £12k dress and champagne on tap.

Dougie had planned to arrive in a helicopter, but sadly the venue wouldn’t allow him to land in the car park.

Holly wore a stunning £12k Calla Blanche dress, which was designed especially for her and took over a year to make.

holly is Aesthetic practitioner & skin specialist. she also mentioned her online presence on Instagram dakottaaesthetics .

Dougie is very protective husband .He didn’t want his wife out at parties without him, they always go together at parties.

he’s very protective and worries about her safety when she is out he always go out with his wife when she wants.

Dougie Joyce Net Worth Analysis:

Dougie Joyce Net Worth 2023 $ 25 Million.
Dougie Joyce Net Worth 2022$ 24 Million.
Dougie Joyce Net Worth 2021$ 23 Million.
Dougie Joyce Net Worth 2020$ 22 Million.
Dougie Joyce Net Worth 2019$ 21 Million.
Dougie Joyce Net Worth Analysis

Dougie Joyce The businessman:

As we know he is Dougie is bare-knuckle fighter and owner of 3D Fight Club. he runs 3D Fight Club very successfully and innovatively. which changes the perception of people about bare-knuckle fight.

Dougie also launched his family’s documentary. The documentary is available on amazon.

The documentary is known as “the joyce family documentary” is Directed by Tony Gooch ,produced by Richard DaCosta, terry fay ,Starring Dougie Joyce.

Dougie also has his own merchandise brand which is known as DJ GYM WEAR -Manchester, United Kingdom. he sales all his merchandise through this brand .

Recently in 2022 Dougie introduced “Joyce’s irish whiskey” to the market. Established in 2022 by Douglas Joyce and the team as a proud tribute to the Joyce ancestry. which is available on for sale.

Dougie Joyce Social Media:

1)Instagram11,679 posts
1,900 following
Founder & President Of The Fastest Growing Sport In The UK 🇬🇧 @3dfc_official
Instagram ID1:dougiejoyce_iam_manchester2023
2)Instagram213 posts
19 following
Instagram ID2: Joyce’s irish whiskey
3)Instagram344 posts
521 following
Instagram ID3: 3dfc_official
4)YouTube25.4K subscribers
296 videos
Joined 5 Nov 2021
YouTube Account: Dougie Joyce Official
5)AmazoneAmazon: the joyce family documentary
6)Facebook1.2K friends
DJ GYM WEAR -Manchester, United Kingdom
Facebook Account: Dougie Joyce
Dougie Joyce Social Media

Question 1) Who is dougie joyce father?

Answer: Johnny Joyce Father of Dougie Joyce.

Question 2) Who is dougie joyce Mother?

Answer: Margaret Joyce Mother of Dougie Joyce .she is now 56 years old.

Question 3) Who is dougie joyce wife?

Answer: Holly Joyce is wife of Dougie Joyce. She is 28 years old.

Question 4) What is dougie joyce Age?

Answer: dougie joyce is 37 years old.

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