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 Jessica was arrested after it came to light that she had did wrong things with a teenage student she used to teach at South Fremont High School.

Teacher Jessica Lawson Introduction:

Teacher Jessica Lawson General information:

Total Net Worth-$ 8 million
Full NameTeacher Jessica Lawson.
Friend/Family members:Chris Lawson is the husband of Teacher Jessica Lawson. She also has a little son.
Monthly Income-$ 30 ,000+
Age-Teacher Jessica Lawson is now 36 years old.
height-Teacher Jessica Lawson height is 6 feet 0 inch / 182 cm
weightTeacher Jessica Lawson weight is 65 kg/ 143.3 pounds.
Date of birth-Teacher Jessica Lawson was born on August 11, 1987.
ProfessionJessica Lawson is Teacher by Profession
NationalityTeacher Jessica Lawson Nationality is American.
In above table Teacher Jessica Lawson Wikipedia General Information is provided.

Jessica Lawson was a high school teacher from Saint Anthony, Idaho. St. Anthony is a city in and the county seat of Fremont County, Idaho, United States.

Jessica taches in South Fremont High School Saint Anthony, Idaho. Recently she comes into limelight due to she did something wrong to teenage student she used to teach at South Fremont High School.

Jessica is in a jail called Madison County Jail, and she needs to pay $250,000 to get out. The court hasn’t made a final decision yet, but we’ll share more updates soon.

What the actually incident is:

On November 6th night one alert police officer find when an alert police officer pulled over a vehicle due to a minor infraction—no tail lights .

A young guy was driving the car, and Jessica was sitting in the seat next to him. The officer investigated further and discovered that the car belonged to Jessica, and the boy driving the car was a minor. his age is only 17 years.

 Police revealed that the teenager revealed during interrogation that once Jessica allowed him to drive her car when she was too drunk to drive.

Teacher Jessica Lawson Net Worth:

Teacher Jessica Lawson Net Worth in2023 is up to $ 8 Million.

Teacher Jessica Lawson Net Wort Analysis:

  • In the year 2019 Jessica Lawson Net Worth is up to $ 2 Million.
  • In the year 2020 Jessica Lawson Net Worth is up to $ 3 Million.
  • In the year 2022 Jessica Lawson  Net Worth is up to $ 5 Million.

Now In 2023 Jessica Lawson Net Worth is up to $ 8 Million.

Teacher Jessica Lawson Family, Husband :

Jessica Lawson Wikipedia

Jessica Lawson is married and her husbands name is Chris Lawson.

Chris is a guy from Saint Anthony, Idaho. He grew up around a fly shop called HFA. He spent time in Texas for a church mission and went to college at BYU-Idaho.

Chris loves hunting birds and turkeys and is really into archery hunting. He’s been doing taxidermy since 2007, focusing on birds.

Chris used to guide trips for Henry’s Fork Anglers and now helps manage the shop. He’s licensed to guide in Idaho and Montana and works with national parks.

Chris has three daughters named Ruby, Livia, and Daphne, and a son named Oliver. In 2019, he built a house by the Henry’s Fork river.

Teacher Jessica Lawson Social Media:

Jessica Lawson is also Active on social Media. She is have account on Facebook social media platform where she shares latest updates related to her day to day life. she also used Facebook to share a photos or images with in family and friends .

To check Teacher Jessica Lawson‘s Facebook Account: Click Here


Question 1) Who is Teacher Jessica Lawson ?

Answer: Teacher Jessica Lawson is a Former High School teacher from Saint Anthony, Idaho. She is arrested after it came to light that she had s*x with a teenage student.

Question 2) Where is Teacher Jessica Lawson from?

Answer: Teacher Jessica Lawson is basically form Mesa, Arizona, America..

Question 3) Where does Teacher Jessica Lawson live?

Answer: Teacher Jessica Lawson currently lives in Saint Anthony, Idaho, United States.

Question 4) What is Current Age of Teacher Jessica Lawson?

Answer: Currently in 2023 Teacher Jessica Lawson is 36 years old.

Question 5) What is the Nationality of Teacher Jessica Lawson?

Answer: Teacher Jessica Lawson Nationality is American.

Question 6 ) Teacher Jessica Lawson dead or alive?

Answer: Teacher Jessica Lawson is Alive and well.

Question 7 ) Where the Teacher Jessica Lawson Actually born?

Answer: Jessica Lawson was born in Mesa, Arizona, America.

Question 8) In which school does Teacher Jessica Lawson teach??

Answer: Jessica Lawson teaches at South Fremont High School in America.

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