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⭐⭐⭐Shilen Patel Net Worth 2024 is💰 $ 110 Million.⭐⭐⭐

Shilen Patel General Information:

Total Net Worth-$110 Million
Full NameShilen Patel
Friend/Family members:Shilen Patel
Monthly Income-$100,000+
Age-Shilen Patel is now 43 years old.
height- Shilen Patel height is 6 feet 1 inch / 155.784 cm
weightShilen Patel weight is 74 kg/ 154 pounds.
Date of birth- Shilen Patel Was born on December 6, 1981, Tampa.
Profession Shilen Patel isestablished himself as a dynamic entrepreneur, leaving his mark in technology, healthcare, sports, real estate, finance, and food & beverage sectors.
Nationality Shilen Patel Nationality is American.
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Shilen Patel: The Entrepreneur Making Waves Across Industries

Shilen Patel is a well-known name in various industries, admired for his strategic mindset and ability to adapt to changing environments. At 43, he’s established himself as a dynamic entrepreneur, leaving his mark in technology, healthcare, sports, real estate, finance, and food & beverage sectors.

As the founder and CEO of HealthAxis Group, a tech company in Tampa, Florida, Patel has shown his skills in the technology field. But his influence extends beyond that. He’s not just a tech expert; he’s also a savvy investor, with a talent for spotting promising opportunities worldwide.

Recently, Patel’s negotiations to acquire West Bromwich Albion have been in the spotlight, showcasing his ambition and growth vision.

This move isn’t just about sports; it demonstrates Patel’s strategic ability to diversify his portfolio and explore new avenues for success.

A Symbol of Success and Leadership

In the business world, Shilen Patel stands out not just for his wealth but for his diverse accomplishments. As of 2024, his net worth is estimated at around $110 million earned through his roles as an entrepreneur, investor, and leader in healthcare IT.

Patel’s success isn’t limited to one field. He’s known for his innovation and resilience across various industries. Whether it’s introducing new technologies or exploring new markets, Patel’s leadership shines through.

Beyond his financial achievements, Patel represents more than just a businessman. He symbolizes innovation, resilience, and leadership in today’s ever-changing business landscape.

His ability to adapt and drive change inspires others to push boundaries and pursue their own successes.

Shilen Patel Net Worth Analysis:

  • In the year 2017 Shilen Patel Net Worth is up to $ 49.10 million.
  • In the year 2019 Shilen Patel Net Worth is up to $ 65.35 million.
  • In the year 2023 Shilen Patel Net Worth is up to $ 80.55 million.

Now In 2024 Shilen Patel Net Worth is up to $110 Million .

Shilen Patel: Leading Innovation in Tampa Bay

Shilen Patel’s journey from Visionary Healthware to starting HealthAxis is a big success story. As CEO of HealthAxis, he’s taken the company to great heights, showing how skilled he is in the industry.

But Patel isn’t just about his own business. He’s really into helping startups in Tampa Bay. He helped set up and runs the TiE Tampa Bay Angel Fund, a $3 million fund that supports new companies in Florida.

He also leads the Creative Entrepreneurship Lab, a group that helps people start their own businesses in the USF area. Plus, he’s one of the people who started Central Bank, which helps people in Tampa, St. Augustine, and Winter Park manage their money.

Patel’s got a great education too, with degrees from top business schools like Columbia University and the London Business School, as well as Babson College.

Shilen Patel Social Media:

1)LinkedinSShilen Patel
Entrepreneur, Investor,
Executive, Philanthropist
Instagram Account:Click Here
2)FacebookSShilen Patel
660K likes • 1.4M followers
Facebook Account:Click Here
3)YouTubeSShilen Patel
51 lakh subscribers
7.9K videos
YouTube Account: Click Here
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FAQ’s: Shilen Patel

Question 1) Who is the CEO of HealthAxis Group ?

Answer: Shilen Patel is CEO of HealthAxis Group.

Question 2) where is Shilen Patel from?

Answer: Shilen Patel is from Tampa.

Question 3) why is Shilen Patel famous ?

Answer: Established himself as a dynamic entrepreneur, leaving his mark in technology, healthcare, sports, real estate, finance, and food & beverage sectors.

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