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Lawyer Terrence Bradley General Information:

Full NameTerrence Ahmed Bradley
Friend/Family members:Terrence Ahmed Bradley
Age-Terrence Bradley is 48 Years old.
height-Terrence Bradley height is 6 feet / 182.8 cm
weightTerrence Bradley weight is 85 kg/187 pounds.
Birth date-Terrence Bradley was born in January11, 1976 in Georgia, America Florida, United States.
Profession-Terrence Bradley, renowned for her legal expertise, treasures her privacy despite her public image.
NationalityTerrence Bradley Nationality is African-American.
In above Table Lawyer Terrence Bradley Wikipedia General Information is provided.

Who is Lawyer Terrence Bradley:

Terrence Ahmed Bradley, born in January 1976 in Georgia, America, is a 48-year-old African-American male residing in Marietta, Georgia.

Standing at 6 feet tall (182.8 cm), with brown eyes and a bald head, Bradley is an accomplished lawyer specializing in criminal defense. He obtained his legal education at John Marshall Law School.

Despite having a successful career in law, details about his marital status remain undisclosed. Bradley’s expertise and dedication

After high school, Bradley pursued further education, earning his bachelor’s degree from a respected college. He then attended John Marshall Law School, where he obtained his Law degree in 2007.

Terrence Bradley: A Private Lawyer Making Waves in Georgia

In his professional career, Bradley partnered with Nathan Wade, serving as Wade’s legal representative in a divorce case.

However, the exact nature of their professional relationship remains undisclosed.

Currently, Terrence practices law in Georgia, actively participating in legal proceedings. Despite his achievements and involvement in legal matters, Bradley maintains a private demeanor regarding his personal life.

On in criminal defense law have earned him recognition in his field, making him a trusted advocate for his clients.

Terrence Bradley: The Key Witness in Trump Case

In the midst of a major legal battle in Atlanta, Terrence Bradley, a former law partner of Special Prosecutor Nathan Wade, played a crucial role with important information about a hidden relationship between Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis and Nathan Wade.

Wade was picked by Willis to lead the fight in a big Georgia election fraud case involving ex-President Donald Trump and 14 others. But Wade had been facing a lot of questions for a while.

Amid all the tension, Bradley stepped forward. He used to be Wade’s lawyer during Wade’s tough divorce with his wife. Bradley’s testimony in front of Judge Scott McAfee over two intense days was a big moment in the case.

Bradley’s testimony gave insight into the secret relationship between Willis and Wade, adding fuel to the already intense legal battle.

As the case gained more attention, Bradley’s role as a key witness became crucial in uncovering the truth. With his simple words, Bradley’s testimony shaped the direction of the case, marking a significant moment in the legal proceedings.

Terrence Bradley’s Testimony Unveils Intriguing Details in Trump Case:

During his testimony called upon by defense attorney Ashleigh Merchant, Terrence Bradley found himself at the center of startling revelations in the legal drama surrounding former Trump campaign operative Michael Roman.

Despite initial hesitation, Bradley admitted that Merchant had shared her motion to dismiss Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis with him, along with some curious cruise details, before officially filing it on January 8.

Despite his close ties to Nathan Wade, both as a divorce lawyer and law partner, Bradley disclosed that he exchanged text messages with Merchant after reviewing the motion, even endorsing it during his testimony.

Adding to the complexity, Bradley indirectly acknowledged that his responses to Merchant and other discussions may have been influenced by confidential information shared by Wade, raising ethical concerns about potential breaches of confidentiality without Wade’s consent, which is a fundamental legal principle.

Under intense questioning by prosecutor Anna Cross, Bradley faced scrutiny regarding s**ual assault allegations within their shared law firm. While Bradley denied the charges, he confirmed that funds from his escrow account were allocated to the employee involved.

FAQ’s: Terrence Bradley

Q1: How old is Terrence Bradley?

Ans: Terrence Bradley is 48 years old.

Q2: Who is Terrence Bradley wife?

Ans: Bradley has not yet revealed his personal life to the media.

Q3: Which law college did Terrence Bradley attend?

Ans: Terrence Bradley attend John Marshall Law School.

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