Adam Carney Net Worth 2024

Adam Carney Net Worth 2024, Age, Height, Weight, Social Media, Married, Family, Wiki Biography.

Adam Carney Net Worth 2023

Adam Carney Net Worth 2024:

Total Net Worth-$ 118 million.
Full NameAdam Phillip Carney.
Friend/Family members:Phillip Carney Senior was the Grand Father of Adam Carney.
Anita Carney was the grandmother of Adam Carney.
Phil Carney was the father of Adam Carney.
Monthly Income-$ 90,000+
Age-Adam Carney is 44 years old.
height-5.7 Feet /173.736 CM.
weight76 kg / 167.551 Pounds.
Date of birth-he was born on OCTOBER 30 1978.
ProfessionBusinessman ,Racehorse owner.
Adam Carney Net Worth 2024

Adam Carney Introduction:

Adam Carney is popular personality from Australia. Adam Carney is basically known for his Business and horse love . He is owner of most successful horses in horse racing from Australia.

He lives in big house with his family located in Sydney. Adam Carney is from well to do family .carney family has lots of business in Australia and out of Australia

Phillip Carney Senior and Anita Carney was the Grand parents of Adam Carney. Phillip Carney Jr was the father of Adam Carney. Tayla carney is he wife of Adam carney.

Adam and Tayla carney got married on December 22, 2018. IN this December they will celebrate their fifth married anniversary and completes 5 successful years of their married life.

Adam and Tayla are good parents and they are enjoying parenting of their FIVE boys under which are under five.

Adam Carney Wife:

Adam Carney Wife

Adam Carney Wife

As we discussed above Tayla carney is wife of Adam carney. She is successful model and popular personality form Australia.

Tayla carney is 26 years old .Recently In this August month Tayla carney celebrates her 28 birthday .

Adam Carney the Businessman:

Adam carney is Managing Director at Airfoil Manufacturing Pty Ltd which is located at Greater Sydney Area.

Airfoil is Australia’s leading manufacturer of air diffusion products Grilles, Duct and Fittings.

Airfoil manufactures over 150,000 grilles a year in our factory complex in Sydney.

Airfoil manufactures over 100,000 lengths of duct a year and stocks over 20,000 lengths of insulated duct at all times.

Airfoil manufactures over 100,000 sheet metal products a year and stocks a huge variety of commercial and domestic fittings including supply and return air plenum boxes, cushion boxes, V boxes, light air boots, Y-pieces, BTO’s and double BTO’s.

Adam Carney Net Worth Analysis:

Adam Carney Net Worth 2023 $ 118 Million.
Adam Carney Net Worth 2022$ 115 Million.
Adam Carney Net Worth 2021$ 113 Million.
Adam Carney Net Worth 2020$ 112 Million.
Adam Carney Net Worth 2019$ 111 Million.
Adam Carney Net Worth Analysis

Adam Carney and Tayla Carney house:

Adam Carney and Tayla Carney had recently bought the biggest and high cost house in The Hills area.

They purchased an $8.4 million property in Middle Dural is a semi-rural suburb of Sydney,

in the state of New South Wales, Australia 37 kilometers north-west of the Sydney central business district in the local government areas of Hornsby Shire and The Hills Shire.

Dural is a separate suburb to the south.

Adam carney House

Adam Carney House

Adam Carney Social Media:

1)Instagram209 posts
785 following
Instagram Id: taylacarney
Joined March 2016
Twitter Id: Tayla Carney
Adam Carney Social Media

Adam Carney Horses Net Worth:

Adam Carney Horses Net Worth

Adam Carney in relation to his involvement as Pierata’s racing manager. He is a Sydney-based businessman who has been involved with horses for a significant portion of his life.

Adam Carney has shares in around half a dozen horses with trainer Greg Hickman.

Adam Carney’s father, Phil Carney, was also involved in horse racing, owning Mayfarm Lodge.

Phil Carney passed away 11 years ago, and the victory of Pierata holds special significance for Adam Carney and his family.

The win is seen as a tribute to his late father’s legacy in the racing world.

Adam Carney’s decision to buy a share in Pierata is highlighted as a birthday present for his wife, Tayla Carney.

Tayla Carney’s connection to racing is noted as this being the first horse she has ever owned. Her first experience at a racetrack was witnessing Pierata’s victory in Brisbane.

Adam Carney and his family is very well connected to horse racing and they love their Best horse Pierata as family member.

Adam Carneys Connection with number 11:

Adam Carney, has found a significant connection to the number 11 in various aspects of his life. He views this number as a spiritual and guiding force, often appearing during significant moments.

In numerology, the number 11 is considered a “master number” symbolizing intuition and enlightenment. When combined as 11:11, it’s believed to convey a message from one’s spirit guides and the universe to become conscious and aware.

Around 30 years ago, Greg Hickman, the horse trainer, made a life-altering decision to work for a city stable at Warwick Farm, leaving behind his hometown. When he glanced at his car dashboard clock, it read 11:11am.

A pivotal moment occurred two years ago during a lunch between Adam Carney and Greg Hickman on the Gold Coast, just before their horse Pierata was set to compete in the Magic Millions 3YO Guineas.

It was revealed that both Carney and Hickman had a connection to the number 11.

This shared connection manifested throughout Pierata’s racing career:

  • Pierata’s first race win was as an $11 chance.
  • His first Group-class win came from barrier 11.
  • His final race win, the Redzel Stakes, started from gate 11.
  • Pierata’s sole Group 1 victory, the 2019 All Aged Stakes, occurred 11 years after Carney’s father’s passing.

Beyond these synchronicities, Carney and Hickman named a Fastnet Rock yearling “Eleven Eleven” after its purchase.

This decision was guided by the recurring presence of the number 11 in their lives. The horse was secured for $240,000, with Greg Hickman negotiating the price down from Carney’s initial offer of $250,000.

While Pierata has retired to stud, Hickman and Carney are looking toward the future with Eleven Eleven, hoping to find another top-class performer.

Both express their hunger to discover the next exceptional horse after their experience with Pierata.

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