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Youtuber Gixxer Brah General Information:

Full NameGixxer Brah
Friend/Family members:Gixxer Brah
Age-Gixxer Brah is now 32 years old.
height-Gixxer Brah height is 6 feet 4 inch / 195.784 cm
weightGixxer Brah weight is 81 kg/ 169 pounds.
Date of birth-Gixxer Brah Was born in November14,1991 in Texas, United States.
Profession-Gixxer Brah is most suucesful and famous Content Creater and prominent figure in youtube.
NationalityGixxer Brah Nationality is American.
In above Table Youtuber Gixxer Brah Wiki General Information is provided.

Who is Gixxer Brah:

Rendon Tyrell Dietzmann, known online as Gixxer Brah, is a 32-year-old American YouTuber born in November14,1991 in Texas, United States, currently residing in Justin, Texas.

He is of Caucasian ethnicity and stands tall at 6 feet 4 inches, weighing around 200 pounds. With brown eyes and brown hair, Rendon has established himself as a prominent figure in the online community.

As a content creator, he shares his experiences and insights on his YouTube channel, where he has garnered a significant following.

Born and raised in Justin, Texas, Rendon is the son of Randy and Traci Dietzmann, growing up alongside four brothers in a family with a farming background.

Despite his rural upbringing, Rendon’s fascination with motorcycles grew stronger as he transitioned from childhood to adulthood.

Today, at the age of 32, Gixxer Brah continues to captivate audiences with his adrenaline-fueled content, showcasing his unwavering passion for two-wheelers and the thrill of the open road.

The Journey of YouTuber Gixxer Brah: From Hobbyist to Internet Sensation

Rendon Dietzmann, known to his fans as Gixxer Brah, embarked on his YouTube journey at the age of 24 with a video titled “2014 GSX-R 750 straight pipe” in October 2015.

Although his first video received modest views, Rendon took a break before returning with renewed determination after his second video caught the attention of many viewers.

Recognizing the potential to turn his passion for motorcycles into a career, Rendon committed to improving his content and maintaining a consistent upload schedule. Over time, Gixxer Brah shared over 470 videos, showcasing the exhilaration of bike riding, thrilling adventures, and daring stunts.

In November 2019, Rendon skyrocketed to fame with a viral video where he raced against a McLaren, accumulating over 550k views. This pivotal moment marked the emergence of his alter ego, “Gixxer Brah,” which became synonymous with his channel’s identity.

YouTuber Gixxer Brah Faces Legal Trouble After Dangerous Stunt

Rendon Dietzmann, also known as Gixxer Brah, is a 32-year-old American YouTuber famous for his thrilling motorcycle videos.

However, he recently found himself in legal trouble due to a controversial video. In the video, Dietzmann was spotted speeding at a dangerous 150mph on a Colorado road, covering the distance between Colorado Springs and Denver in just 20 minutes.

This reckless act led to his arrest in Denton County, where he is now facing serious charges from law enforcement. Authorities claim that Dietzmann’s actions endangered many lives.

This isn’t the first time he has faced criticism for his daring stunts. Despite having a large following of over 250,000 subscribers on YouTube, Dietzmann’s content has sparked both admiration and criticism.

He is known for his collection of more than 470 videos featuring superbikes and risky driving maneuvers.

YouTuber Gixxer Brah Faces Arrest After High-Speed Stunt Goes Viral:

In a September 2023 YouTube video, Rendon Dietzmann, also known as Gixxer Brah, captured the internet’s attention with a thrilling ride on his GSX-R750 motorcycle, reaching speeds of 150 mph.

The video quickly went viral, attracting hundreds of thousands of viewers before it was eventually taken down. However, this stunt didn’t go unnoticed by the Colorado State Patrol.

Despite evading authorities for months, Dietzmann faced a major setback in January 2024 when an arrest warrant was issued against him for multiple legal violations and endangering lives.

It’s important to note that the speed limit on the road where Gixxer Brah exceeded 150 mph was only 65-75 mph.

In February, Dietzmann was arrested on assault charges, prompting his loyal fanbase to rally behind him. Some supporters even donated funds to his channel to help cover bond expenses.

The incident has sparked both controversy and support for Gixxer Brah, highlighting the complexities surrounding his daring stunts and the consequences they entail.


Q1: How old is Gixxer Brah?

Ans: Rendon is 32.

Q2: Have the police arrested Gixxer Brah?

Ans: Yes, he was taken into custody in February 2024.

Q3: How tall is Gixxer Brah?

Ans: 6 feet 4 inches.

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