Steve Wraith Net Worth 2024

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Steve Wraith Net Worth 2024 is $ 12 million.

Steve Wraith Net Worth

Steve Wraith Introduction:

Steve Wraith, a well-known face on Tyneside, has made a name for himself as a promoter and passionate fan of Newcastle United.

However, his lifelong dream of becoming an actor has recently seen significant progress. After a hiatus from acting, Steve’s appearance in the box office hit, Rise of the Footsoldier 3, has opened doors for him in the film industry.

Let’s delve into Steve Wraith’s journey from childhood aspirations to his breakthrough role and his future ambitions.

Childhood Dreams and Early Beginnings:

Steve’s acting aspirations took root at a young age. At just six years old, he played King Canute in a school play, sparking a deep determination to pursue a career on the stage and screen.

He joined the Young People’s Theatre in Heaton at the age of 11, where he honed his skills alongside talented individuals such as Tom Goodman Hill, who later appeared in the popular TV series, Mr Selfridge.

Steve fondly recalls his time with the theater group, including memorable experiences touring the United States and Russia.

Total Net Worth-$ 12 million.
Full NameSteve Wraith.
Family members:Richard John Taylor
Monthly Income-$ 20,000+
Age-51 years old.
height-161.544 CM /5.3Feet
weight76 KG / 167.552 LBS
Date of birth-Born February 16, 1972.
ProfessionAuthor, Actor.
NationalityBritish or United Kingdom
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Temporary Setback and Rediscovery:

Despite his early passion, Steve Wraith walked away from acting following a negative experience during a touring pantomime.

He decided to venture into the family business, believing his acting dream was over.

However, a fortuitous encounter with his old friend, John Altman (best known as Nick Cotton in Eastenders), reignited Steve’s desire to act. Altman, along with local actor Chris Connel, encouraged him to give acting another chance.

Taking their advice to heart, Steve joined an extras agency in Newcastle, setting him on a path that he would never look back from.

Rekindling the Flame:

For six years, Steve worked as an extra, gaining valuable experience on popular shows like Byker Grove, Tracey Beaker, and Wire in the Blood.

However, he felt the time was right to further his education and enrolled as a mature student at a college in Gateshead.

After obtaining his GCSE in drama, Steve’s determination led him to pursue a three-year degree in Performing Arts at Newcastle University.

Graduating in 2010, he finally realized his dream of turning professional when he signed with Claypole Management.

Steve Wraith Gateshead:

Steve Wraith is a promoter/event manager in Newcastle and is heavily involved with Gateshead FC’s management in fundraising, parties.

Due to an incident on the pitch occurring shortly after half time, tonight’s match has been abandoned by the referee.

Acting Accomplishments:

Since turning professional, Steve Wraith has amassed an impressive list of credits to his name.

He has appeared in local crime shows like Vera and 55 Degrees North, as well as films including Almost Married, Scintilla, The Guvnors, and In Our Name.

Although often cast in roles such as gangsters, football hooligans, and doormen, Steve embraces these opportunities while also relishing the occasional chance to portray different characters, such as a lollipop man and a lifeguard.

Steve Wraith Gateshead Net Worth:

Steve Wraith Net Worth 2023$12 million
Steve Wraith Net Worth 2022$11 million
Steve Wraith Net Worth 2021$10 million
Steve Wraith Net Worth 2020$ 09 million
Steve Wraith Net Worth 2019$ 08 million
Steve Wraith Net Worth 2018$ 07 million
Steve Wraith Net Worth 2017$ 05 million
Steve Wraith Net Worth Analysis

Breakthrough Role in Rise of the Footsoldier 3:

Steve’s recent breakthrough role came in the hit gangster movie, Rise of the Footsoldier 3.

Sharing the screen with notable actors like Craig Fairbrass, Shaun Ryder, Eddie Webber, and Billy Murray, Steve played the villainous character Steamboat.

This position has been a crucial turning point in his career, giving him invaluable experience and opening doors to new prospects.

Future Aspirations:

Steve Wraith’s journey is far from over. With his career gaining momentum, he has secured another role in the upcoming gangster film, The Krays – Dead Man Walking, which begins filming next month.

Given his connection with the Kray family, Steve eagerly anticipates this project .

Furthermore, he wants to become the villain in the long-running British soap series Coronation Street, saying he might beat the current street villain, Pat Phelan.

Steve Wraith Net Worth Social Media:

1)InstagramInstagram Followers: 10.4k followersInstagram account id : stevewraith
2)FacebookFacebook Followers: 2.4 k followersFacebook account id: Steve Wraith
3)YouTubeYouTube Followers:51.1k Subscribers.YouTube account id:Steve Wrait
4)TwitterTwitter Followers: 43K followers.twitter id:@stevewraith
Steve Wraith Net Worth Social Media


Steve Wraith, a familiar face on Tyneside due to his involvement with Newcastle United, has finally achieved his childhood dream of becoming an actor.

Despite setbacks and a temporary hiatus, his passion for acting never waned.

Through perseverance and a chance meeting with a friend, Steve reignited his acting career and has since amassed an impressive list of credits.

His recent role as Steamboat in Rise of the Footsoldier 3 has provided him with a breakthrough and opened doors to new opportunities.

With his sights set on future projects, including The Krays – Dead Man Walking, Steve Wraith’s journey as an actor continues to unfold, and he remains determined to leave his mark in the industry, even aspiring to play the villain in Coronation Street.

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