Peter Butcher Net Worth 2024

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Peter Butcher Net Worth

Peter Butcher General Information:

Total Net Worth-$ 3 million
Full NamePeter Butcher.
Friend/Family members:Peter Butcher is the Husband of Teena Marie she is popular American singer-songwriter and musician.
Monthly Income-$ 20,000+
Age-Peter Butcher is 68 years old.
height-Peter Butcher height is 5 feet 3 inch / 164.592 cm
weightPeter Butcher weight is 58 kg/ 127.868 Pounds
Date of birth-
ProfessionPeter Butcher is Postmaster by Profession
NationalityPeter Butcher‘s Nationality is American/United States.
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Introduction to Peter Butcher:

Peter Butcher is the husband of the iconic American soul singer Teena Marie and the biological father of the American musical artist and actress Alia Rose.

Professionally, Peter Butcher worked as a Letter Carrier in the United States Postal Service in Los Angeles, California, United States.

Peter worked for 41 years in USPS and retired from his position. Due to his vast experience in the United States Postal Service, he has a unique perspective on the challenges faced by USPS and his concerns about its future.

In this article, we delve into Butcher’s insights, examining his experiences, family life, criticisms, and predictions for the postal service.

A Long and Varied Career

Peter Butcher spent over four decades at USPS, working as a Letter Carrier in Los Angeles, California.

His dedication to his role is evident, but his perspective on the changing dynamics within USPS management reflects a level of discontent.

According to Butcher, he faced challenges with individuals transitioning from City Carrier Assistants (CCAs) to supervisors, leading to a clash of opinions and work styles.

Criticisms of Postmaster General DeJoy:

Peter Butcher doesn’t mince words when it comes to his opinions on Postmaster General Louis DeJoy.

According to Butcher, DeJoy’s ideas are perceived as “old school,” and there are worries that these traditional approaches may not be suitable for addressing the current challenges facing USPS.

The retired Letter Carrier believes that DeJoy’s leadership could potentially harm the institution he dedicated his career to.

The Five-Year Rule and Hiring Challenges

Butcher sheds light on a significant issue within USPS—the requirement for employees to live in the United States for five years before being eligible for employment.

He points out the potential negative impact of this rule on USPS’s ability to attract and retain new talent, raising questions about the sustainability of the postal service’s workforce.

Rick James & Teena Marie’s Relationship | Just Friends?

People always thinks that Rick James is the father of Alia Rose .Back in the days of wild parties and fun, there was a unique relationship between Rick James and Teena Marie.

People often wondered if they were a couple or if it was just a perception. Teena Marie, known as a founding member of ivory soul, and Rick James, the king of punk-funk, grabbed the attention of Motown during their collaboration on the song ‘Fire & Desire.’

Teena initially kept her identity a secret, making her debut without showing her face. When she eventually revealed herself, people were surprised to find out she was white.

However, Rick James didn’t care about that; he was determined to stand by her no matter what. Little did Teena know that this partnership would lead to many challenges and difficulties in the years to come.

Teena Marie’s Death:

On the afternoon of December 26, 2010, Peter Butcher’s wife Teena Marie was found dead by her daughter, Alia Rose, in her Pasadena home.

“Teena Marie Day”, Sunday, April 17, 2016:
The National R&B Music Society Sponsored and Presented the 2016 Las Vegas City of Lights Legend Award in honor of the late, great Teena Marie at the 24th Annual Las Vegas City of Lights Jazz & R&B Festival.

Her daughter, Alia Rose along with her father, Peter Butcher, accepted the award. The Clark County Commissioner Presented a Proclamation from the City of Las Vegas making April 17, 2016 “Teena Marie Day”!

Pictured Left to Right: Promoters Debra Ann & Michael Schivo, Stuart Bascombe (Board Member of The National R&B Music Society and Member of Black Ivory), Peter Butcher (Alia Rose father), Alia Rose (Teena’s daughter), Vannessa Jordan (President of the National R&B Music Society), Floyd Williams (Board Member the National R&B Music Society) and The Commissioner of Clark County.

Peter Butcher net worth analysis:

Peter Butcher Net Worth 2022$ 2 million.
Peter Butcher Net Worth 2020$ 1 million
Peter Butcher Net Worth 2019$ 0.5 million
In above table Peter Butcher net worth analysis is mentioned


Question 1) What is Teena Marie’s nationality?

Answer: Teena Marie’s Nationality is American.

Question 2) Who is biological father of Alia Rose?

Answer: Peter Butcher the retired postmaster of United States Postal Service (USPS) is the biological father of Alia Rose

Question 3) How old is Alia Rose now?

Answer: As Alia Rose was born on December 25th 1991 ,so currently she is 32 years old

Question 4) Who are the Alia Rose parents

Answer: Peter Butcher the retired postmaster of United States Postal Service (USPS) is the biological father of Alia Rose and iconic American soul singer Teena Marie was the Mother of Alia Rose.

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