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Patrick Mahomes Sr General Information:

Full NamePatrick Mahomes Sr
Friend/Family members:Patrick Mahomes Sr is divorced from Randi Martin
Age-Patrick Mahomes Sr Was 53 years old.
height-Patrick Mahomes Sr height is 6 feet 4 inch / 193.784 cm
weightPatrick Mahomes Sr weight is 75 kg/ 165 pounds.
Hair Bald.
Eyes- Brown.
Date of birth-Patrick Mahomes Sr Was born on August 9, 1970, in Bryan, Texas.
ProfessionPatrick Mahomes Sris a a former professional baseball player.
NationalityPatrick Mahomes Sr Nationality is African-American.
In above Table Patrick Mahomes Sr Wikipedia General Information is provided.

Who is Patrick Mahomes Sr:

Patrick Lavon Mahomes, a former baseball player, was born on August 9, 1970, in Bryan, Texas, U.S. Currently residing in Kansas City, Missouri, America, the 53-year-old ex-pitcher is widely recognized for his stints with various Major League Baseball teams.

His career spanned across the Minnesota Twins (1992–1996), Boston Red Sox (1996–1997), Yokohama BayStars (1997–1998), New York Mets (1999–2000), Texas Rangers (2001), Chicago Cubs (2002), and Pittsburgh Pirates (2003).

Mahomes, an African-American, played a pivotal role as a pitcher, showcasing his talent and contributing to his impressive net worth of $15million.

Despite a successful career on the field, Mahomes faced challenges in his personal life, being divorced from Randi Martin.

The couple shares three children: Patrick Mahomes II, Jackson, and Graham Walker. Standing tall at 6′ 4″ (193 cm) with brown eyes and hair, Mahomes attended Lindale High School and later pursued his education at the University of Arkansas.

His legacy as a former baseball player remains a significant part of the sports world.Back in June 1988, Patrick Mahomes Sr. stepped into the professional baseball world, drafted in the sixth round, ready to embark on a career that would span over two decades.

Patrick Mahomes Sr Introduction:

Patrick Mahomes Sr., a former professional baseball player, has recently found himself in the public eye for reasons beyond his celebrated sports career.

While he once showcased his talent on the baseball diamond, Mahomes Sr. is now making headlines due to legal troubles involving charges of Driving While Intoxicated (DWI).

This unexpected turn of events has shifted the spotlight from his son, Patrick Mahomes II, the star quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs, to Mahomes Sr.’s own personal challenges.

A Glance at Mahomes Sr.’s Baseball Career:

Born on August 9, 1970, Mahomes Sr. had a successful career in professional baseball before transitioning into a supportive role for his son.

Throughout his heyday, he played for prestigious teams such as the Boston Red Sox, Minnesota Twins, Chicago Cubs, and Pittsburgh Pirates.

His journey in baseball reached its conclusion with the Grand Prairie AirHogs in 2009, marking the end of an era on the field.

Transition to Supportive Father:

Following his baseball career, Mahomes Sr. embraced a new role as a proud and supportive father, often seen in the stands cheering for his son, Patrick Mahomes II.

The younger Mahomes has risen to stardom as the quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs, winning accolades and leading the team to remarkable success in the NFL.

Legal Troubles Unfold:

However, recent events have cast a shadow over Mahomes Sr.’s reputation. On January 3, 2024, he encountered legal troubles in Tyler, Texas, where he was arrested on charges of DWI. The news has raised concerns among fans and followers, as Mahomes Sr. navigates the legal process and faces potential consequences for his actions.

Impact on the Mahomes Family:

The legal issues surrounding Mahomes Sr. not only bring personal challenges to the forefront but also shed light on the impact such incidents can have on a high-profile family.

The Mahomes family has been known for their close-knit bond and support for each other, and these recent events may test their resilience as they navigate the complexities of the legal system.

Community Response and Speculations:

As news of Mahomes Sr.’s DWI charges spread, the community and sports enthusiasts are reacting with a mix of surprise, disappointment, and concern.

Speculations about the possible repercussions for both Mahomes Sr. and his son’s career have become topics of discussion among fans.

Patrick Mahomes Sr.’s DWI Arrest: A Shift in the Family Narrative:

  • Born on August 9, 1970, Mahomes Sr. had a successful baseball career.
  • Played for esteemed teams such as the Boston Red Sox, Minnesota Twins, Chicago Cubs, and Pittsburgh Pirates
  • Transitioned from a professional baseball player to a supportive father.
  • Became a familiar face in the stands, cheering for his son, Patrick Mahomes II, the star quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs.
  • Arrested on January 3, 2024, in Tyler, Texas, on charges of DWI.
  • Legal proceedings are ongoing, casting a shadow over Mahomes Sr.’s personal and public image.
  • Raises concerns about the family’s ability to navigate challenges beyond the sports arena.
  • Tests the close-knit bond and support system that the Mahomes family has been known for.
  • Serves as a reminder of the challenges and responsibilities that come with being in the public eye.
  • Underlines the need for athletes and their families to navigate the delicate balance between personal and professional spheres.


Q1: What is Patrick Mahomes Sr net worth?

Ans: Mahomes Sr has a net worth of around $15 million.

Q2: Who is the ex-wife of Patrick Mahomes Sr?

Ans: Randi Martin.

Q3: How old is Patrick Mahomes Sr?

Ans: Patrick Lavon Mahomes is 53.

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