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Introduction to Oshun Reney Byas Net Worth:

Oshun Reney Byas Net Worth 2024 is $12 million. In a world of glitz and glamour, it is easy to overlook the untold stories of strength and determination behind the scenes.

OShun Reney Byas, the daughter of renowned singer Tamika Scott, is a shining example of how love and resilience can triumph over adversity.

Despite facing challenges from a young age, OShun’s journey reflects her unwavering spirit and the unbreakable bond she shares with her mother and family.

Total Net Worth-$ 12 million.
Full Nameoshun reney byas .
Friend/Family members:
Tamika Scott (Mother)
Darius Byas (Father)
Niyah and Armani (Sisters)

Aaron (husband)
Monthly Income-$ 60,000+
Age-29 years old.
height-5.4 Feet /164.592 CM.
weight70 kg / 154.324 Pounds.
Date of birth- March 24th, 1994.
Professionsinger , youtuber.
NationalityAmerican / United States
Oshun reney byas Net Worth 2023

Early Life and Trials:

OShun Reney Byas was born on March 24th, 1994, to Tamika Scott and her then-husband, Darius Byas.

Her arrival coincided with a critical moment in Tamika’s life, as the Xscape singer faced a difficult choice between motherhood and her music career.

Amid pressures from the group, Tamika decided to embrace her pregnancy and keep her baby, despite the obstacles that lay ahead.

Growing up, OShun experienced the challenges of her parents’ separation, but she was fortunate to have the support of her mother and extended family.

Tamika’s commitment to motherhood, along with the love and guidance of her parents and sister LaTocha, provided a stable and nurturing environment for OShun’s early years.

Juggling Family and Career:

As Tamika embarked on her music career with Xscape, OShun witnessed firsthand the demands of the entertainment industry.

Balancing motherhood and a thriving career was undoubtedly a formidable task, but Tamika’s determination to be there for her daughter never wavered.

OShun’s father, Darius Byas, may have remained out of the limelight, but he continued to play an essential role in his daughter’s life.

The co-parenting efforts of both parents showcased the power of love and commitment in providing OShun with the stability she needed.

Blossoming into Independence:

As OShun entered her teenage years, she began to carve her own path, exploring her interests and passions.

Surrounded by music and artistic talent, she had the perfect environment to nurture her creative spirit.

While OShun’s parents were in the spotlight, they ensured that she had a normal upbringing, fostering a sense of humility and groundedness.

OShun’s siblings, Young Niyah and Armani, also played pivotal roles in her life, forming a close-knit bond that would weather any storm.

Despite the challenges of a blended family, their unity and mutual support created an unbreakable foundation.

OShun Reney Byas Social media:

1)Instagram409 posts
401 following
Instagram id: oshunaaron1love
36.9K subscribers
7 videos
YouTube account name: Oshun & Aaron
3)FacebookTamika Scott
OShun Reney Byas Social media

Embracing Resilience and Empowerment:

Throughout her life, OShun Reney Byas has undoubtedly faced both public scrutiny and personal challenges.

However, she has emerged as a symbol of resilience and empowerment.

Guided by the values instilled by her mother and family, OShun has excelled in her chosen field of work, forging her unique path with determination and grace.

OShun Reney Byas personal life:

OShun keeps her personal and professional life separate .Currently she enjoys her personal life with her loving husband Aaron and three loving childrens.

oshun and Aaron have three childrens two girls Aveyah, Ari and one baby boy Cason.

Aveyah is 4 years old and she also has her personal instagram account Aveyah where oshun shares her sweet and lovely little moments . Recently Aveyah joined swimming class and also started going to primary school.

In 2021 she blessed with baby boy and she share “3rd Time’s A Charm🍀✨I finally get to hold my baby boy 🤗 I am so in love 🤱🏽💙 All glory be to God “ this post on her Instagram .

Tamika Scott as grand ma she is also like to spend some time with her three grandchild so for that purpose she also take her time from busy schedule visit to oshun’s home.


OShun Reney Byas’s life journey embodies the strength that arises from love, unity, and unwavering support.

Despite being born into the spotlight, she has navigated her way through life with resilience and courage, a testament to her upbringing and the values instilled by her family.

In a world often focused on fame and fortune, OShun’s story serves as a reminder that true success lies in embracing one’s identity, embracing the love of family, and finding the courage to forge ahead with determination, regardless of the challenges life presents.

FAQ:Oshun Reney Byas

1) Who is Oshun Reney Byas ?

–> Oshun Reney Byas is the first daughter of famous singer Tamika Scott

2) Who is Oshun Reney Byas husband?

–> Aaron (oshunaaron1love) is the husband of Oshun Reney Byas.

3) Did Oshun Reney Byas have children?

–> Oshun Reney Byas have a three childrens. two girls Aveyah – Ari and baby boy Mr Cason.

4) what is Oshun Reney Byas current Age?

–> In 2023 she is now 29 years old.

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