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Neel Acharya General Information:

Full NameNeel Acharya
Friend/Family members:Neel Acharya
Age-Neel Acharya Was 19 years old.
height-Neel Acharya height is 5 feet 11 inch / 180.7cm
weightNeel Acharya weight is 64 kg/ 156 pounds.
Hair Black.
Eyes- Brown.
Date of birth-Neel Acharya Was born in Pune16 Aug 2004, Maharashtra, India.
ProfessionNeel Acharya was journalist and news anchor.
NationalityNeel Acharya Nationality is American.
In above Table Neel Acharya General Information is provided.

Who is Neel Acharya:

Neel Acharya, born in Pune, Maharashtra, India, in 2004, was a talented individual with a bright future ahead. Tragically, he passed away at the age of 19 on January 28, 2024, in West Lafayette, Indiana, United States.

Neel, of Indian-American nationality and Asian ethnicity, was the son of Goury Acharya. He leaves behind a legacy that includes his education at St. Mary’s School and pursuit of higher studies at Purdue University.

Neel was known for his impressive stature, standing at 5′ 11″ (180.3 cm), and distinctive features, with brown eyes and black hair. As a young and promising individual, his memory lives on through his Instagram profile

Neel Acharya Introduction:

19-year-old Neel Acharya, an Indian student at Purdue University, met an untimely demise on January 28, 2024, just a day after he was reported missing.

Neel’s mother, Goury Acharya, took to Twitter seeking help, but sadly, the search ended in sorrow when his lifeless body was discovered on the college campus.

Neel Acharya,Maharashtra, India, in 2004, was an academically bright student from St. Mary’s School in Pune. Excelling in studies, he scored an impressive 95% in high school in 2022.

Driven by his dream of becoming a computer engineer, Neel ventured to the United States and enrolled as an honors student at Purdue University, focusing on Computer Science and Data Science.

Mourning the Loss of Neel Acharya:

In a heart-wrenching turn of events, the Purdue community finds itself in a state of mourning following the untimely demise of Neel Acharya, a young and promising talent.

The circumstances surrounding his tragic end remain shrouded in uncertainty, amplifying the grief that has settled over the university.

Neel, a double major in computer science and data science at the John Martinson Honors College, was identified as the victim in a recent incident at Purdue’s campus.

The Tippecanoe County Coroner’s Office responded to reports of a possible death, launching an investigation that has yet to provide clear answers.

The somber atmosphere at Purdue reflects not only the loss of a bright student but also the unsettling reality of safety concerns on campus.

As the community grapples with this tragedy, many are left pondering the well-being of students and the need for measures to ensure their security.

Chris Clifton, head of the Computer Science department, conveyed the heartbreaking news to the university community, adding to the collective sorrow. The ongoing investigation adds an element of suspense and concern, emphasizing the importance of addressing safety issues to prevent such incidents in the future.

As the Purdue family comes together to mourn Neel Acharya’s passing, there is a shared hope for clarity in the investigation and a renewed commitment to fostering a secure environment for all students.

The memory of Neel, a young talent with a promising future, will undoubtedly linger as the community seeks solace and understanding in the face of this tragedy.


Ques1: How old was Neel Acharya?

Ans: Neel was 19.

Ques2: Who are Neel Acharya’s parents?

Ans: Goury Acharya (mother).

Ques3: Which school did Neel Acharya attend?

Ans: St. Mary’s School.

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