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Joyce Lapinsky General Information:

Full NameJoyce Lapinsky.
Friend/Family members:Joyce Lapinsky has been married to Richard Lewis
Age-Joyce Lapinsky is 72 Years old.
height-Joyce Lapinsky height is 5 feet 6 inch / 170 cm
weightJoyce Lapinsky weight is 60 kg/133 pounds.
Birth date-Joyce Lapinsky was was born in July,15 1951 in California,United States.
Husband Died OnJoyce Lapinsky’s Husband Richard had been battling Parkinson’s disease, and his death was attributed to a heart attack.
Profession-Joyce Lapinsky is a renowned film producer and music publisher.
NationalityJoyce Lapinsky Nationality is African-American.
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Who is Joyce Lapinsky:

Joyce Lapinsky, an African-American woman, was born in July 1951 in California, United States, making her 72 years old.

She currently resides in Los Angeles, California. Joyce is a widow, having been married to Richard Lewis. She has no children and her parents’ names are not disclosed.

Standing at 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighing approximately 133.1 pounds, Joyce has black eyes and brown hair.

She is a renowned film producer and music publisher, known for her work in movies such as “Idiots and Armadillos” (1998) and “House of a Lifetime: Richard Lewis” (2014), as well as television shows like “Robert Schimmel: Unprotected” (1999).

Joyce Lapinsky: Widow of Richard Lewis

Joyce Lapinsky, aged 72, known as the late Richard Lewis’s widow, faced a significant loss when Richard, a renowned actor and comedian, passed away on February 27, 2024.

Richard had been battling Parkinson’s disease, and his death was attributed to a heart attack. The couple had been married for 18 years.

They first met in 1998 at an album release event for Ringo Starr, where Joyce was working in music publishing. They became engaged in 2004 and got married in 2005. Despite their nearly two decades of marriage, they did not have any children.

Richard Lewis’s Thoughtful Decision for His Wife

Half a year before his passing, the famous comedian Richard Lewis took a thoughtful step to ensure financial stability for his wife, Joyce Lapinsky, in case of tough times.

Records show that Lewis changed their regular mortgage on their Los Angeles home to something called an “assignment of rent trust deed.”

They bought their three-bedroom, three-bathroom home in 2016 for $1.53 million and got a $2.02 million loan for renovations.

However, by August 2023, there was still $1 million left on the mortgage. Before Lewis made this change, they were supposed to finish paying the loan by 2046. With the trust deed, the deadline extended to 2053, making it easier for his widow to handle monthly payments.

Unlike a usual mortgage tied to the property, this trust deed focuses on the money they make from renting it out. If they can’t pay, the lender can directly collect rent from tenants, easing financial burdens and reducing remaining debt.

Richard Lewis and Joyce Lapinsky: A Love Story Sparked at a Ringo Starr Album Release

Richard Lewis and Joyce Lapinsky’s romance began unexpectedly at a glitzy Ringo Starr album release event in 1998.
They had a chance encounter that led to a lasting love story lasting over 18 years. Richard courted Joyce for six years before proposing in 2004, officially making them a couple.

They exchanged vows in 2005, beginning their 18-year journey as a married couple. Despite their lengthy union, the couple did not have any children during this time.

Joyce Lapinsky: From Music Lover to Film Producer

Joyce Lapinsky, aged 72, was born in California, United States, in 1951. Not much is known about her early life, but she developed a passion for music while growing up in California. After college, she combined her love for music with an interest in film production.

In 1998, Joyce met Richard, and at the time, she was heavily involved in music publishing and worked as a production coordinator for the movie “Idiots and Armadillos.” The following year, she showcased her skills as an associate producer on the TV show “Robert Schimmel: Unprotected.”

FAQ’s: Joyce Lapinsky

Q1: Who is Richard Lewis’s wife?

Ans: Richard Lewis’s wife is Joyce Lapinsky.

Q2: How old is Joyce Lapinsky?

Ans: Joyce Lapinsky is 72 years old.

Q3: Does Joyce Lapinsky have any children?

Ans : No

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