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Jessica Jessmon Wikipedia General Information:

Full NameJessica Jessmon.
Friend/Family members:Husband is Sedale Lacey-Robinson.
Age-Jessica Jessmon is 34 Years old.
height-Jessica Jessmon height is 5 feet 5 inch / 165 cm
weightJessica Jessmon weight is 63 kg/139 pounds.
Birth date-Jessica Jessmon was was born in April 20, 1989 in Wisconsin, United States.
Profession-Jessica Jessmon is served as a Financial Analyst at Exact Sciences.
NationalityJessica Jessmon Nationality is American.
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Who is Jessica Jessmon :

Jessica Jessmon, a native of Wisconsin, United States, was born in April 1989. A Caucasian American, she pursued her education at Madison Area Technical College and Milwaukee Area Technical College.

Throughout her career, Jessica held various roles, beginning as a Certified Pharmacy Technician at Walgreens from 2007 to 2012.

She then transitioned to administrative duties as a Call-Center receptionist at Group Heath Cooperative from 2016 to 2017. Continuing her professional journey, she served as a Financial Analyst at Exact Sciences from 2018 to 2019.

Tragically, Jessica’s life was cut short at the age of 34, when she succumbed to gunshot wounds on February 18, 2024. She is survived by her husband, Sedale Lacey-Robinson, and their children, Makyla and Major Lacey-Robinson.

Tragic Incident Involving Jessica Jessmon: A Summary

On February 18, 2024, in Middleton, Wisconsin, Jessica Jessmon, a 34-year-old mother and paralegal student, was involved in a devastating event. Reports suggest that she allegedly shot her two children, Makyla (8) and Major (5), and wounded their father before taking her own life. Jessica and Sedale Lacey-Robinson shared custody of the children.

Despite surviving gunshot wounds, Sedale now faces the heart-wrenching loss of their children. Jessica had encountered challenges in life, including addiction and legal issues, which may have played a role in the tragic outcome.

Records indicate Jessica had previous run-ins with the law, but she seemed to be striving for a better life.

According to her landlord, Jessica was seen as a resilient person working towards a brighter future. There were no apparent signs that she would resort to such drastic actions, leaving those who knew her in shock and disbelief.

Tragic Shooting Incident in Middleton: A Summary

On the evening of February 18, 2024, in Middleton, a resident named Jessica Jessmon, who lived in Lakeview Village, reportedly fired shots at her children and partner inside their apartment. This happened around 7:40 p.m. while Officers Brittany Blankenship and Saygo Henderson were nearby handling another issue.

The officers faced a challenging situation when they heard gunshots. Soon after, Jessmon’s partner, Lacey-Robinson, came out of the apartment injured. The officers talked to Lacey-Robinson to understand what had occurred inside.

Despite attempts to communicate with Jessmon, who had barricaded herself with the children, tensions remained high.

As a response, the Dane County Tactical Response Team used a surveillance robot to enter the apartment. The footage from the robot revealed a heartbreaking scene: Jessmon and her children were found unresponsive on the floor.

FAQ’s: Jessica Jessmon

Q1: How old is Jessica Jessmon?

Ans: Jessica Jessmon is 34 years old.

Q2: Where does Jessica Jessmon live?

Ans:Wisconsin, United States.

Q3: Who is Jessica Jessmon’s height?

Ans: Jessica Jessmon is 5feet.5inch.

Q4) Who killed Jessica Jessmon ?

Ans : Jessica Jessmon take her own life.

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