Javier Gerardo Viveros Net Worth 2024

Javier Gerardo Viveros Net Worth 2024, Age, Height, Weight, Social Media, Married, Family, Wiki Biography.

Javier Gerardo Viveros Net Worth 2024 is $16 million.

Introduction : Javier Gerardo Viveros A Paraguayan Writer and Literary Figure-

Javier Viveros, born on September 13, 1977, is a prominent Paraguayan writer and an active member of the Academia Paraguaya de la Lengua Española.

 He has made significant contributions to Paraguayan literature and is recognized as a corresponding member of the Real Academia Española. 

Viveros is also a former Vice-president of the Paraguayan Writers Society, demonstrating his commitment to the literary community. 

Viveros obtained a master’s degree in Language and Literature from the National University of Asunción.

Javier Gerardo Viveros Net Worth:

Total Net Worth-$ 16 million.
Full NameJavier Gerardo Viveros.
Friend/Family members:Paquita La Del Barrio (Mother).
Miguel Gerardo Viveros (Brother).
Martha Elena Martínez Viveros (Sister).
Viola Viveros (Aunt).
Aurora Barradas, Tomás Viveros (Grandparents).
Monthly Income-$ 80,000+
Age-57 years.
height-5.8 Feet /176.784 CM.
weight76 kg / 167.551 lbs.
Date of birth-born 13 September 1977.
ProfessionParaguayan storyteller, poet and screenwriter.
Javier Gerardo Viveros Net Worth 2024

Versatility Across Literary Genres:

Throughout his career, he has explored various literary genres, including poetry, short stories, children’s literature, theater scripts, comics, and movies. 

This versatility highlights his talent and ability to engage with diverse audiences through different mediums. 

One of Viveros’ notable contributions to the literary landscape is his regular collaboration with the cultural supplement “Correo Semanal” of the newspaper Última Hora. 

Through this platform, he has shared his insights and creative works with a wide readership. Additionally, Viveros has served as a university professor, passing on his knowledge and passion for literature to aspiring writers. 

Viveros has published several books that have garnered attention both nationally and internationally. 

His works have been distributed at the country level through partnerships with renowned publishers and institutions. 

Notably, his book “Handbook of Fencing for Elephants” was published in Argentina by Ediciones Encendidas and in Spain by Ediciones Rubeo. 

This publication, along with his other works, showcases his ability to captivate readers with his unique storytelling style. 

Javier Gerardo Viveros Net Worth Analysis:

Javier Gerardo Viveros Net Worth 2023$ 16 million
Javier Gerardo Viveros Net Worth 2022$ 15 million
Javier Gerardo Viveros Net Worth 2021$ 13 million
Javier Gerardo Viveros Net Worth 2020$ 12 million
Javier Gerardo Viveros Net Worth 2019$ 11 million
Javier Gerardo Viveros Net Worth 2018$ 10 million
Javier Gerardo Viveros Net Worth 2017$ 09 million
Javier Gerardo Viveros Net Worth Analysis

Contributions as an Editor and Publisher:

As an editor and publisher, Viveros has also made notable contributions to Paraguayan literature. 

He curated the anthology “Punta karaja,” which focuses on Paraguayan football soccer stories. 

Moreover, he established his own publishing label and released the illustrated album “Mrs. Jurumi” under it. 

Additionally, he has adapted works by renowned Paraguayan authors, such as Augusto Roa Bastos, Gabriel Casaccia, Helio Vera, and Josefina Plá, into the format of comic strips. 

Recognition and International Engagements:

Viveros’ literary prowess has garnered international recognition. He has participated in book fairs and literary events across various countries, including Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Bolivia, and the Dominican Republic. 

His presence at these events has allowed him to connect with readers and fellow writers, fostering cultural exchange and promoting Paraguayan literature on a global scale.

International Awards:

Several of Viveros’ works have received accolades and prestigious awards. 

For instance, his short story “Misterio JFK” was selected as a finalist in the 2009 edition of the International Short Story Award “Juan Rulfo.” 

Furthermore, his book “Inventory of Ghosts – Tales of the Chaco War” (Fantasmario) received the “Edward and Lily Tuck Award for Paraguayan Literature 2018” from the PEN Club of the United States.

In addition to his literary achievements, Viveros has served as Vice-president of the Society of Writers of Paraguay from July 2016 to July 2018.

 This position allowed him to contribute to the development and promotion of Paraguayan literature within the country and beyond. 

Javier Viveros’ passion for literature and his diverse range of creative works have solidified his position as a prominent figure in Paraguayan literature. 

Talent and Dedication to engage with different arts:

His ability to seamlessly navigate different genres and engage with readers of all ages is a testament to his talent and dedication. 

As he continues to contribute to the literary landscape, his works will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on the Paraguayan literary tradition. 

Among Javier Viveros’ notable works are his collections of short stories, poetry, children’s literature, and biographies. 

Javier Viveros  collection and work:

In his collection of short stories, he has published works such as “Ingenierías del insomnio” (2008), “Urbano, demasiado urbano” (2009), “Manual de esgrima para elefantes” (2012), “Fantasmario – Cuentos de la Guerra del Chaco” (2015), “Vríngo luisõ” (2021), and “Páginas de hierro” (2023). 

These collections showcase his versatility and his ability to captivate readers with his imaginative storytelling. 

Viveros has also made significant contributions to poetry with works like “Dulce y doliente ayer” (2007), “En una baldosa” (2008), “Mensajeámena” (2009), and “Panambi ku’i” (2009). 

Through his poetry, he explores themes of love, nostalgia, and the beauty of everyday life, using language to evoke powerful emotions and imagery. 

In the realm of children’s literature, Viveros has crafted numerous engaging and enchanting stories. 

1)YouTubeNAYouTube id:@javierviveros
2)TwitterJoined April 2009
640 Following
Twitter id:@javierviveros
Javier Viveros Net Worth 2023 Social Media

Some of his notable works in this genre include “Una cama para Mimi” (2013), “Alonsí” (2014), “Tana, la campana” (2017), “La señora Jurumi” (2017), and “La carrera chaqueña” (2018). 

Through these stories, he combines creativity and imagination to entertain and educate young readers. 

Viveros has also ventured into the realm of biographies, shedding light on the lives of notable figures. 

His biographical works include “Branislava Sušnik. La científica implacable” (2020), “Silvio Pettirossi. El acróbata del aire” (2020), “Serafina Dávalos. 

Pionera paraguaya del feminismo” (2020), “Manuel Ortíz Guerrero. El poeta del pueblo” (2020), “Arsenio Erico. El rey del gol” (2021), and “Gabriel Casaccia. 

Fundador de la narrativa paraguaya moderna” (2021). 

These biographies serve to preserve the legacies of influential individuals and contribute to a deeper understanding of Paraguayan history and culture.

 Conclusion :

Throughout his career, Javier Viveros has received numerous awards and accolades for his literary contributions.

 His work has been recognized internationally, with honors such as the “Honorable Mention in the Roque Gaona Prize” in 2013 and the “Edward and Lily Tuck Award for Paraguayan Literature” in 2018. 

These accolades highlight his talent and the impact his writing has had on the literary community.

As of his most recent accomplishments, Viveros was awarded the “Premio República Luque 2022” and the “Asuncion City Poetry Prize Teodoro S. Mongelós 2023.” 

These recent awards further solidify his position as a respected and influential figure in Paraguayan literature.

Javier Viveros’ dedication to literature, his diverse range of works, and his contributions to Paraguayan culture have made him a significant figure in the country’s literary landscape.

 Through his writings, he has enriched the literary tradition and captivated readers both locally and internationally.

With each new publication, Viveros continues to leave his mark on Paraguayan literature, ensuring his legacy as a prominent and talented writer.

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