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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Jamelizzzz net worth 2024 is 💰 $ 16 Million. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

jamelizzzz onlyfans leaked Net Worth

Jamelizzzz General Information:

Total Net Worth-$ 16 Million
Full NameJameliz Benitez Smith (Issa)
Friend/Family members:Jameliz, Jelly Bean Brain
Monthly Income-$ 150 ,000+
Age-Jamelizzzz is now 20 years old.
height-Jamelizzzz height is 5.2 feet /158.496 cm
weightJamelizzzz weight is 55 kg/ 121.254 pounds.
Date of birth-Jamelizzzz was born on 16 February 2003.
ProfessionJamelizzzz is Social media personality and YouTuber from USA by Profession.
NationalityJamelizzzz Nationality is American and Mexican Both.
In above table Jamelizzzz General Information is provided.

Who is Jamelizzzz :

Jameliz, also known as Jelly Bean Brain, is a popular YouTuber and Gaming streamer from United States America. She makes fun videos on YouTube, sharing her daily life and playing Minecraft.

Born as Issa in Mexico on November 23, 2004, she’s 19 years old. Besides being famous on social media, she’s also well-known in the world of USA entertainment industry.

Jameliz, or Jelly Bean Brain, has dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, and a body with a curvy shape.

Besides her online life, she has a cool blue BMW, some cool tattoos that express herself, and she has a furry friend, a Serrano Bulldog, who shares her life.

Jamelizzzz Net Worth Analysis:

  • In the year 2017 Jamelizzzz Net Worth is up to $ 6 million.
  • In the year 2019 Jamelizzzz Net Worth is up to $ 10 million.
  • In the year 2023 Jamelizzzz Net Worth is up to $ 15 million.

Now In 2024 Jamelizzzz Net Worth is up to $ 16 Million .

Jamelizzzz introduction:

At the age of 17 in late 2022, Jameliz started her online journey. Initially on Twitter, she faced challenges but soon found success with humorous interesting content on YouTube Shorts.

Jameliz, knows how powerful social media is. She’s not just on YouTube; she’s also on Instagram, OnlyFans, and TikTok, reaching even more people On TikTok.

she has 33.6K followers, on OnlyFans, she got 1.07 million likes, and her Instagram accounts are lively with lots of followers.

jamelizzzz onlyfans leaked Controversy

Jamelizzzz Favorite Things:

  • Favorite Color: Blue (calm and relaxing)
  • Favorite Food: Pizza (can’t resist a delicious slice)
  • Hobbies: Playing the guitar, creating beautiful music
  • Love for Animals: Especially dogs, enjoys walks in the park with them
  • Favorite Movie: “The Lion King” (inspired by the story and music)
  • Favorite Book: “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho (about chasing dreams)
  • Love for Exploration: Enjoys exploring new places, especially the beach
  • Favorite Season: Spring (loves blooming flowers and warm air)
  • Interest in Photography: Enjoys capturing moments through photography
  • Sports Enthusiast: Supports Barcelona Football Club
  • Passion for Cooking: Enjoys experimenting with new recipes
  • Connection with Nature: Finds comfort in nature, loves hiking
  • Reading Preferences: Enjoys fantasy and self-help books for escape and knowledge
  • Community Involvement: Believes in giving back, volunteers at a local shelter

Jamelizzzz Social Media:

550 posts
730 following
Instagram Account: Click Here
Facebook Account: Click Here
3)YouTube8.71K subscribers
76 videos
Joined 27 Sept 2022
YouTube Account: Click Here
145k Subscribers
Snapchat Account : Click Here
In above Table jamelizzzz All Social Media information is provided.

Jelly Bean Brain’s influence extends prominently to YouTube, where her vlogs and Minecraft gameplay videos have garnered a substantial following.

Her entertaining narratives and gaming prowess have created a unique space for Jameliz in the digital content creation landscape.

jamelizzzz Family life:

Growing up in Mexico, Issa received her primary and high school education there. she also completed higher education form Mexico university.

Jameliz’s first language is English. her mother and father both from Mexico later they shifted to USA.

Jameliz’s mom and dad are Mr. and Mrs. Brain. They all lived together in a big house in Mexico. Jameliz has brothers and sisters, and they all shared their home happily.


Question 1) how old is Jamelizzzz ?

Answer: Jamelizzzz is 20 years old.

Question 2) where is Jamelizzzz from?

Answer: Jamelizzzz is from Mexico.

Question 3) is Jamelizzzz single ?

Answer: Yes Jamelizzzz is single ,Right now, Jameliz is not dating anyone because she’s really focused on her internet career. She’s putting all her attention and energy into making her online presence even bigger and better. Love is not on her mind at the moment!

Question 4) why is Jamelizzzz famous ?

Answer: Jamelizzzz famous because of her YouTube Vlogs and Minecraft Gameplayand OnlyFans Success.

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