ian metrose Net Worth 2024

ian metrose Net Worth 2024, Age, Height, Weight, Social Media, Married, Family, Wiki Biography.

ian metrose Net Worth 2024 is $ 15 Million.

ian metrose Introduction:

An experienced CEO of over twenty years in the bustling world of talent relations and special events, Ian Metros has done an impressive job.

Based in Los Angeles, California, Ian Metros has made a name for himself in the fields of business requirements, relationship building, event curation, and business networking, among many others.

In this article, we are going to discuss about Ian Metros, how he started his career and how his name came into limelight due to some professional things, and what effect did it have on his life.

Total Net Worth-$ 15 million.
Full Nameian Metrose.
Friend/Family members:Lauri Metrose (Wife)
Chloe Metrose (Daughter)
Lexi Metrose (Daughter)

Fanny Krasner Lebovits (mother in law)
Monthly Income-$ 100,000+
Age-50 years old
height-5.7 Feet /173.736 CM.
weight75 kg / 165.347 Pounds.
Date of birth- 08/06/1972
ProfessionSVP Talent Relations & Special Events CBS, work in media and public relation field.
NationalityAmerican / United States
ian metrose Net Worth 2024

ian metrose Professional Working Experience:

Ian Metrose has Total 30 years of working experience. in this 30 years Ian worked on different skill sets .

As per mentioned in LinkedIn profile Ian has Skills like Business Requirements ,Relationship Building ,Business Networking ,Customer Service ,Teamwork , Coaching ,Budgeting , Business Development , Employee Relations , Social Media Communications ,Talent Management ,Team Leadership , Internal Events ,Critical Thinking , Strategic Communications , Organization Skills , Business Strategy ,Digital Marketing , Microsoft Office , Project Management , Digital Designs ,Attendee Registration ,Supplier Evaluation ,Event Marketing ,Oral Communication.

In these 30 years ,for the first 7 years and 1 month of period( Jun 1994 – Jun 2001), Ian worked for “Castle Rock Entertainment ,Beverly Hills, California “ in the position of Director of Marketing and Public Relations.

For the next 1 year and 7 months (Jun 2001 – Dec 2002) he worked for “Fox Searchlight Pictures Los Angeles, California “in the position of consultant.

And after that for the next 20 years from 2002 to 2023 Ian Metrose worked for “ViacomCBS ,Greater Los Angeles Area” in the position of SVP Talent Relations & Special Events CBS.

ian metrose Net Worth Analysis:

ian metrose Net Worth 2023 $ 15Million.
ian metrose Net Worth 2022$ 14 Million.
ian metrose Net Worth 2021$ 13 Million.
ian metrose Net Worth 2020$ 12 Million.
ian metrose Net Worth 2019$ 11 Million.
ian metrose Net Worth Analysis

ian metrose Family Life:

Ian Metrose lives at studio city ,los angeles ,california with his family .He has 4 members in his family, his beautiful wife Lauri Metrose and his two cute daughters Chloe Metrose Lexi Metrose.

chloe is elder daughter of ian and lexi is little one and she likes dancing .Lexi is 15 years old. Her favourite colour is blue and her favourite subject in school is Math.

if she could be any animal, she would be a puppy. Lexi started dancing at the age of 7 months and her favourite style of dance are ballet and hip hop. Ian also has two Dogs -Rosie and Belle in his family.

Ian is totally a family man. He likes to drop his daughter to school ,celebrate their birthdays .he likes to visit different picnic spots with his family .

ian metrose Social Media:

1)Instagram2,441 posts
2,274 following
Instagram id: ianmet
2)LinkedIn500+ connectionsLinkedIn id: Ian Metrose
3)Facebook 1759 friendsFacebook 1 id: Ian Metrose
4)Facebook 21.2K friendsFacebook 2 id: Lauri Metrose
ian metrose Social Media

The Scandal and Exit:

20 years of honest to great performance, Ian metros Finally had to decide to leave CBS because of his some mistakes

In 2017, an investigation by the New York Attorney General revealed his involvement in communications with retired LAPD Captain Corey Palka.

Who was accused of providing information to former CBS chief Leslie Moonves about a sexual harassment complaint filed against him.

Palka had previously provided security for CBS chief Leslie Moonves at numerous events, and had good relations with several CBS executives, including Ian Metros.

Chloe’s Birthday Fundraiser:

Once Lauri Metrose organized fundraiser for Chloe’s Birthday. lauri successfully raised $8,298 USD in this fundraiser for Chloe’s Birthday.

In fact, Ian and Laurie’s younger daughter Chloe had to be admitted to Children’s Hospital LA due to complications.

Then the administration of the Children’s Hospital, the doctors and nurses took very good care of Chloe. And Ian and Laurie experienced all this in the hospital.

Lauri said that if you ever had to take your child somewhere unfortunately, I would recommend this hospital without hesitation. 

For the care that the hospital administration took of Chloe, lauri wanted to help them through fundraiser, in which she  added the same money which she got in the fundraiser. And donated to the hospital .In this way they  celebrated Chloe’s 8th birthday.


Q1: How long did Ian Metrose work for CBS?

Answer: Ian Metros served 20 years as Senior Vice President of Talent Relations and Special Events.

Q2: What were Ian Metrose’s key skills?

Answer:Ian Metrose has a alot of skill sets like business requirements, relationship building, event curation, business networking, talent management, and leadership.

Q3: What is Ian Metrose wife’s name?

Answer: Lauri Metrose is the name of Ian Metrose wife.

Q4: In which city did Ian Metrose’s career with Castle Rock Entertainment begin?

Answer:Ian Metros’ career journey began with Castle Rock Entertainment in Beverly Hills, California.

Q5: What book provides insight into Ian Metrose’s involvement in the scandal?

Answer: “Unscripted: The Epic Battle for a Media Empire and the Redstone Family Legacy” book ,provides insight into Ian Metrose’s involvement in the scandal.

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