Holger Stockhaus ehefrau

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Holger Stockhaus ehefrau

Holger Stockhaus General Information:

Total Net Worth-$ 15 Million
Full NameHolger Stockhaus
Friend/Family members:Holger Stockhaus
Monthly Income-$ 120 ,000+
Age-Holger Stockhaus ist jetzt 50 Jahre alt.
height-Holger Stockhaus height is 5 feet 8 inch / 176.784 cm
weightHolger Stockhaus weight is 75 kg/ 121.254 pounds.
Date of birth-Holger Stockhaus was Born on born March 8, 1973 in Hanover.
ProfessionHolger Stockhaus ist ein deutscher Schauspieler von Beruf aus Deutschland.
NationalityHolger Stockhaus Nationalität ist Deutsch.
In above table Holger Stockhaus General Information is provided.

Who is Holger Stockhaus :

Holger Stockhaus is an 50 years old actor popular from Germany, and he’s really good at what he does on both stage and screen. He started his acting journey at the Bochum Drama School from 1994 to 1998, where he learned the ropes.

Holger Stockhaus was born on March 8, 1973, in Hanover. Hanover is not only his birthplace but also the capital and biggest city in the German state of Lower Saxony.

After finishing school, Stockhaus focused on a career in theater. He’s known for doing a great job in lots of different roles on stage, showing off his acting skills.

Holger Stockhaus ehefrau:

Holger Stockhaus is a married man, but unfortunately, not much private information about his wife, Mrs. Stockhaus, is publicly available.

People often ask about Holger Stockhaus’s wife on social media, but details about their relationship are kept private.

Theater Engagements:

Holger Stockhaus has performed in really important theaters like Schauspielhaus Bochum, Deutsches Theater in Göttingen, Staatstheater Kassel, and Theater Heidelberg.

He had a steady job at Centraltheater Leipzig from the 2008/09 season until 2011.

He’s dedicated to the stage and has done all kinds of plays, from old classics by Shakespeare to more modern ones.

Memorable Stage Roles:

Holger Stockhaus has been really good in his acting career.

He played important roles like Theseus/Oberon in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” Azor in “The Strife of Marivaux,” and Mortimer Brewster in “Arsenic and Lace Cap.”

He’s great at moving between different types of roles, capturing the spirit of each character in various genres and time periods.

Ventures into Film and Television:

Apart from performing on stage, Stockhaus also became known in movies and TV. In the late 1990s, he tried out short films.

People liked him a lot in the first movie he did, “Be My Baby” in 2014, where he played a character named Olaf.

He’s been on some TV shows like “With Heart and Handcuffs,” “Sibel & Max,” and “Friesland,” where he acts as a character named Wolfgang Habedank.

Comedic Flair and Varied Roles:

Holger Stockhaus does more than just regular acting. He’s been a part of the funny show “Sketch History” since 2015 and joined the group for the ZDF news satire “meine-show” in 2018. This shows he’s good at making people laugh and can handle different kinds of shows.

A Diverse Filmography:

The actor’s filmography reflects his diverse talent, with appearances in films like “To Hell with the Others” (2017), “Woof – Follow the Dog” (2018), and “Catweazle” (2021).

Television series such as “Meuchelbeck” (2015–2019), “Crime Scene: Sara’s Confession” (2022), and “Bibi & Tina – The Series” (2020) further highlight the breadth of Stockhaus’s contributions.

Continued Captivation of Audiences:

Holger Stockhaus remains a captivating force, whether on stage, in front of the camera, or in comedic sketches.

From his early days at the Bochum Drama School to his current status as a respected figure in German theater and television.

his journey is a testament to dedication and talent, solidifying his status as a prominent name in the world of acting.

Holger Stockhaus Vermögen sanalyse:

  • Im Jahr 2017 beträgt das Nettovermögen von Holger Stockhaus bis zu 3 Millionen US-Dollar.
  • Im Jahr 2019 beträgt das Nettovermögen von Holger Stockhaus bis zu 5 Millionen US-Dollar.
  • Im Jahr 2023 beträgt das Nettovermögen von Holger Stockhaus bis zu 6 Millionen US-Dollar.

Jetzt, im Jahr 2024, beträgt das Nettovermögen von Holger Stockhaus bis zu 12 Millionen US-Dollar.

Holger Stockhaus Social Media:

163 posts
926 following
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3)YouTubeHolger Stockhaus
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4)Twitter@Holger Stockhaus
Joined January 2020
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Question 1) how old is holger stockhaus ?

Answer: holger stockhaus is 50 years old.

Question 2) where is holger stockhaus from?

Answer: holger stockhaus is from Hanover ,Germany.

Question 3) is holger stockhaus single ?

Answer: NO, holger stockhaus is Married Person.

Question 4) why is holger stockhaus famous ?

Answer: holger stockhaus is well-known for his Acting skills ,and his film and television performance.

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