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HandOfBlood General Information:

Total Net Worth-$ 5 Million
Full NameMaximilian Knabe, aka HandOfBlood
Friend/Family members:HandOfBlood
Monthly Income-$80,000+
Age-HandOfBlood is now 31 years old.
height-HandOfBlood height is 5 feet 9 inch / 172.784 cm
weightHandOfBlood weight is 74 kg/ 161 pounds.
Date of birth-HandOfBlood WasBorn on August 1, 1992, in Salzgitter,Germany.
ProfessionHandOfBlood is a web video producer, livestreamer, esports commentator, and entrepreneur.
NationalityHandOfBlood Nationality is German.
In above Table HandOfBlood General Information is provided.

Who is HandOfBlood:

HandOfBlood, also known as Maximilian Knabe, is a popular German web video producer, livestreamer, esports commentator, and entrepreneur. Born on August 1, 1992, in Salzgitter, he is recognized for his YouTube channel where he primarily shares Let’s Play videos, making him one of the prominent figures in the German gaming community.

HandOfBlood Early Life and Education::

Maximilian Knabe, one of four siblings, grew up in and around Braunschweig after being born in Salzgitter.

He attended a Waldorf school until completing his Abitur (German high school diploma). Post-graduation, Knabe moved to Braunschweig for studies in Business Informatics at the Technical University. To support himself during his studies and early YouTube endeavors, he worked part-time at McDonald’s.

However, his lack of interest led him to abandon his studies in 2014. A chance encounter with moderation opportunities at Freaks 4U Gaming, thanks to Maxim Markow, altered Knabe’s path. Instead of pursuing further studies, he opted for a full-time career on YouTube.

HandOfBlood’s YouTube Journey:

HandOfBlood’s first YouTube channel, established on November 10, 2010, initially focused on games like “Der Herr der Ringe Online” and “League of Legends.”

Early content included League of Legends guides, filling a gap in the German-speaking community. The channel’s early success prompted the creation of new content categories like Lol-News, Lol-Facts, and Lol-Guides.

In 2014, facing challenges, Knabe revamped his channel with a new concept, leading to a significant breakthrough.

His content diversified with short films, elaborate video editing, and game-themed costumes. His efforts were recognized with the Webvideopreis Deutschland in the Gaming category in 2016.

HandOfBlood Entrepreneurial Ventures:

In 2018, Knabe co-founded INSTINCT3 with Henning Semrau and Hendrik Ruhe, an influencer agency that later expanded, employing over 50 people. A merchandising deal with Bravado, a subsidiary of the Universal Music Group, was established in 2019.

Knabe, along with Maxim Markow, founded Summoner’s Inn in 2014, a project focused on League of Legends. He also initiated the League of Legends esports team “Spandauer Inferno” (SPIN) in 2015, which participated in competitions like the ESL and created the King of Spandau event. In 2021, SPIN disbanded.

In November 2021, Knabe announced the esports team “Eintracht Spandau,” which began competing in the German Prime League in 2022.

Leeroy Matata Net Worth Analysis:

  • In the year 2017 HandOfBlood Net Worth is up to $ 2.45 million.
  • In the year 2019 HandOfBlood Net Worth is up to $ 3.45 million.
  • In the year 2023 HandOfBlood Net Worth is up to $ 5.55 million.

Now In 2024 HandOfBlood Net Worth is up to $ 8 Million .

Community Involvement and Charitable Activities:

HandOfBlood actively engages with his community in philanthropic activities. Since adopting his dog “Falco” in 2018, he regularly donates to the Berlin animal shelter.

Notable donations include his Fortnite World Cup prize money in 2019 and various fundraising efforts, collectively amounting to over 27,000 Euros by 2023.

Knabe participated in charity events, such as the WWF Save the Jungle livestream in 2020, raising funds for global forest conservation.

In response to the Activision Blizzard harassment cases in 2021, he collaborated on a donation campaign that raised nearly 60,000 Euros for the project “Gemeinsam gegen Gewalt an Frauen und Mädchen” (Together Against Violence Towards Women and Girls).

In conclusion, Maximilian Knabe, aka HandOfBlood, has not only left a mark in the gaming and content creation scene but has also demonstrated a commitment to charitable causes, showcasing a multi-faceted personality beyond his online presence.

HandOfBlood Social Media:

915 posts
451 following
Instagram Account: Click Here
125K followers • 47 following
Facebook Account: Click Here
27 lakh subscribers
2.2K videos
YouTube Account: Click Here
In above Table HandOfBlood All Social Media information is provided.


Question 1) how old is HandOfBlood ?

Answer: HandOfBlood is 31 years old.

Question 2) where is HandOfBlood from?

Answer: HandOfBlood is from Salzgitter,Germany.

Question 3) is HandOfBlood single ?

Answer: yes.

Question 4) why is HandOfBlood famous ?

Answer: HandOfBlood is a web video producer, livestreamer, esports commentator, and entrepreneur.

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