Facundo Farías Net Worth 2024

Facundo Farías Net Worth 2023

Facundo Farías Net Worth

Facundo Farías Net Worth 2024 ,Salary, Age, Height, Weight, Social Media, Married, Family, Wiki Biography.

Facundo Farías‘s recent net worth is about $ 9 Million .

Total Net Worth-$ 9 million.
Full NameFacundo Hernán Farías.
Friend/Family members:Angi olivera is the wife of Facundo Farías.
Monthly Income-$ 90,000+
Age-Facundo Farías is 21 years old.
height-1.72 m / (5 ft 8 in)
weight 66 kg / 145.505 Pounds.
Date of birth-Facundo Farías was born on 28 August 2002.
ProfessionProfessional Footboller.
NationalityFacundo Farías nationality is Argentinian.
Facundo Farías Net Worth 2024

Facundo Hernán Farías:A Rising Star in Argentine Football

Early Beginnings in Santa Fe, Argentina

Facundo Hernán Farías is born on August 28, 2002 he is from Santa Fe, Argentina.

His journey into the world of football started at a young age, and he quickly established himself as a promising talent.

Facundo height is 1.72 meters ,and Facundo Farías is really good at playing in the middle of the field, and his favorite position is as an attacking midfielder.

At first, Farías played football when he was young. He started at a place called Escuela de Fútbol UNL, where he started getting better at playing soccer.

Subsequently, he continued his development at Corinthians Santa Fe, further sharpening his skills in preparation for the professional stage.

However, it was his pivotal move to Colón’s youth system in 2017 that set the stage for his remarkable journey.

Facundo Farías Net Worth Analysis:

Facundo Farías Net Worth 2023 $ 9 Million.
Facundo Farías Net Worth 2022$ 8 Million.
Facundo Farías Net Worth 2021$ 7 Million.
Facundo Farías Net Worth 2020$ 6 Million.
Facundo Farías Net Worth 2019$ 5 Million.
Facundo Farías Net Worth Analysis

Pivotal Move to Colón’s Youth System:

In 2017, Facundo Farías made a crucial decision in his career by transitioning to Colón’s youth system.

This move marked a significant turning point in his development as a footballer.

At Colón, he got really good training and help, which helped him become a skillful football player in Argentina.

Shining in the Senior Ranks at Colón:

While he was at Colón’s youth system, Farías practiced a lot and showed that he could become a big soccer star in the future.

His dedication and hard work were evident, setting the stage for his progression into the senior ranks.

From 2019 to 2023, Farías became well-known at Colón. He played a lot of games, 95 in total, and scored 16 goals. He was really good at playing soccer, and people noticed him as a standout player in Argentina.

One of the special moments during his time at Colón was when the team won the Copa de la Liga Profesional in 2021. Farías played a big part in this success, showing how important he was to the team and how he could become a future star in Argentine football.

International Recognition:

Farías is really good at soccer, and people saw how good he was not just in his club but also in the national teams.

In 2015, he played for Argentina’s Under-15 team, which is like the young national team.

Then, in 2019, he got to practice with the Under-17 national team, showing that he’s a talented young player who could have a great future in soccer.

Taking Talents Abroad: Inter Miami Signing

In a big change in 2023, Farías joined Inter Miami, a team in Major League Soccer (MLS). He wears the number 11 on his jersey.

This was a new start for him, going to play in a different country. And even though he hasn’t been there for long, he’s already doing really well, scoring goals and achieving more success in his career.

Recently he posted his thoughts on Instagram before saying goodbye to the club:

I had a beautiful family night ❤️. After many years, I have to say goodbye to the club that I’m a fan of. I just want to say THANK YOU for teaching me to be a better person, for helping me when I was going through tough times, and for letting me be a part of its history as a champion ⭐️. There’s nothing better than saying goodbye at home and with the people I love the most.

Facundo Farías Wife :

Facundo Farías Wife:

Angi Olivera is the wife of Facundo Farías. Recently they had a little baby boy and his age is 8 months.

Angi Olivera is a model by profession. She is 23 years old .She was born on April 17, 2000 and she is 2 years older than Farías.

She is almost active on social media and posted things related to her personal life, Farías match related updates etc.

Facundo Farías Social Media:

1)Instagram51 posts
473 following
Instagram Account: Facundo Farias
2)TwitterJoined December 2011
220 Following
50.7K posts
Twitter Account: Angi Olivera
3)Instagram 2103 posts
497 following
Angi olivera
Instagram 2 Account:angiolivera
Facundo Farías Social Media

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