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Dulce Huertas General Information:

Full NameDulce Huertas
Friend/Family members:Dulce Huertas
Age-Dulce Huertas Was 60 years old.
height-Dulce Huertas height is 5 feet 4 inch / 146.7cm
weightDulce Huertas weight is 64 kg/ 143 pounds.
Hair Black.
Eyes- Brown.
Date of birth-Dulce Huertas Was born on July 31, 1963, in Cienfuegos, Cuba.
NationalityDulce Huertas Nationality is Cuban-American.
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Who is Dulce Huertas:

Dulce Huertas, a 60-year-old Cuban-American woman born on July 31, 1963, in Cienfuegos, Cuba, found herself in the spotlight as she faced federal charges in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

With a height of 5′ 4″ and brown eyes and hair, she maintains an air of mystery surrounding her love life, as no information about a husband is available. Having graduated from college,

Dulce’s life took a turn on November 20, 2024, when she became involved in a series of offenses, including simple assault, indecent exposure, and interference with flight crew members and attendants.

This unexpected twist in her story adds complexity to the narrative of a woman who, until recently, led a seemingly ordinary life in America.

Dulce Huertas Introduction:

Dulce Huertas, a 60-year-old woman from Philadelphia, is now in serious legal trouble after an incident on a Frontier Airlines flight from Orlando to Philadelphia International Airport on November 20, 2023.

Accused of assaulting a flight attendant and making threats to passengers, Huertas is facing federal charges, including interfering with a flight crew, simple assault, and indecent exposure.

The Disturbing Incident:

The trouble began as Flight 4944 approached Philadelphia International Airport. Huertas defied instructions, standing up and insisting on using the restroom.

Ignoring a flight attendant’s request to sit, she began yelling and cursing. Even after landing, her disruptive behavior continued, prompting the captain to intervene and instruct passengers to remain seated.

Huertas, after the seatbelt sign turned off, allegedly pushed past passengers, heading to the front of the plane.

In a shocking turn of events captured in viral footage, she apologized to everyone, pulled down her pants and underwear, but did not actually urinate.

The unsettling episode continued with her confronting a flight attendant, bumping them with her belly, and making threatening remarks to passengers.

Legal Consequences:

Dulce Huertas now faces federal charges, including interference with flight crew members, simple assault, and indecent exposure.

United States Attorney Jacqueline C. Romero outlined the potential consequences, stating that if convicted, Huertas could be sentenced to a maximum of 21 years and three months in prison, along with three years of supervised release. Additionally, she could face a substantial fine of $355,000.
Dulce Huertas’ disturbing actions during the Frontier Airlines flight have not only drawn public condemnation but also significant legal repercussions.

As the legal process unfolds, the potential consequences highlight the seriousness of the charges she is facing.


Q1: How old is Dulce Huertas?

Ans: Dulce is 60.

Q2: What charges is the Dulce Huertas facing?

Ans: Dulce facing several charges, including assault on a flight attendant and making threats to passengers.

Q3: From where is Dulce Huertas?

Ans: She is originally from Cuba but currently lives in Philadelphia.

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