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Dougie Joyce

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Dougie Joyce Manchester Net Worth 2023 is 💰 $ 25 Million.

Total Net Worth-$ 25 Million
Full Name Douglas Joyce is Real name of Dougie Joyce.
Friend/Family members:Holly Joyce is wife of Dougie Joyce Manchester.
Monthly Income-$ 91 ,000+
Age-Dougie Joyce Manchester is now 35 years old .
height-Dougie Joyce ‘s height is 6.3 Feet /192.024 CM.
weightDougie Joyce‘s weight is 90 kg / 198.416 Pounds.
Date of birth-Dougie Joyce was born on Born on 14 April 1988.
ProfessionDougie Joyce is American Content creator by Profession.
NationalityDougie Joyce‘s Nationality is British.
In above table Dougie Joyce Manchester‘s General Information is provided.

Who is Dougie Joyce Manchester:

Dougie Joyce is Founder and president of 3D Fight Club located in United kingdom.

Dougie Joyce is always in spot light in of British Media Because he always involved in controversial things.

Joyce founded the combat sport organization two years ago and believes the concept is unique.

Douglas Joyce is Real name of Dougie Joyce. He is 33 years old and born in Manchester, United Kingdom.

he is Cristian by religion and has British and Irish nationality. Currently he leaves in Manchester ,United Kingdom.

Douglas Joyce Wife:

Holly married Douglas Joyce in July 2022 after meeting him online and dating for three years.

Her dad, Hugo, who recently passed away, was worried about her dating Douglas because they both were bare-knuckle fighters.

Douglas Joyce proposed to Holly at a party revealing their baby’s gender, and they got married in a fancy ceremony in Manchester.

The wedding was quite grand, costing over £60k, with luxury cars, an expensive dress, and lots of champagne.

Holly works as an Aesthetic practitioner and skin specialist and is active on Instagram under the name “dakottaaesthetics.” Douglas Joyce is very protective of her and prefers they go to parties together for her safety.

Dougie Joyce house:

Dougie Joyce is leaved in big house with his family in Manchester. his House address is Unit 22, Cariocca Business Park, 2 Sawley Road, Manchester, England, M40 8BB.

Dougie Joyce Father:

John Joyce is father of Dougie Joyce. Dougie has two brothers Johnny Joyce and Tom Joyce.

John Joyce, aged 63, was involved in the assault case alongside his son, Douglas “Dougie” Joyce, 35. Both individuals hail from a renowned traveller family, prominently featured in an Amazon documentary exploring the traveller community.

John Joyce, on the other hand, was also implicated in the assault, receiving an 18-month community order for his role in the incident. Both father and son faced legal consequences for their involvement in the assault, with Dougie sentenced to imprisonment and John to a community order.

The authorities highlighted Dougie’s aggressive nature and the significant injuries caused to the elderly victim, emphasizing the severity of the assault.

Dougie Joyce Age:

Dougie Joyce is born on 14 April 1988 and currently he is 35 years old .he is currently has one little son.

Dougie Joyce height:

Currently Dougie Joyce ‘s height is 6.3 Feet /192.024 CM.

Dougie Joyce first wife:

Chris Valenti a popular Singer and Songwriter is ex wife of Dougie Joyce.

where does dougie joyce live:

Dougie Joyce leaved at Cariocca Business Park, 2 Sawley Road, Manchester, England, M40 8BB.

Dougie Joyce Manchester Net Worth Analysis:

  • In the year 2017 Dougie Joyce Manchester Net Worth is up to $ 10 million.
  • In the year 2029 Dougie Joyce Manchester  Net Worth is up to $ 15 million.
  • In the year 2022 Dougie Joyce Manchester Net Worth is up to $ 20 million.

Now In 2023 Dougie Joyce Manchester Net Worth is up to $ 25 Million .

Dougie Joyce Manchester Social Media:

1)Instagram 1679 posts
1,900 following
Founder & President Of The Fastest Growing
Instagram Account 1: Click Here
13 posts
19 following
Instagram Account 2: Click Here
3)YouTube25.4K subscribers
296 videos
Joined 5 Nov 2021
YouTube Account: Click Here
4)Twitter1.2K friends
DJ GYM WEAR -Manchester, United Kingdom
Twitter Account: Click Here
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