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Connor Grytdahl General Information:

Full NameConnor Grytdahl.
Friend/Family members:Connor Grytdahl Married to Katelyn Grytdahl, and they have two daughters.
Age-Connor Grytdahl is 34 Years old.
height-Connor Grytdahl height is 5 feet 5 inch / 165 cm
weightConnor Grytdahl weight is 80 kg/176 pounds.
Birth date-Connor Grytdahl was born in April 12, 1993 in Minnesota, United States.
Profession-Connor Grytdahl Sales Representative at Hydradyne and Most recent position is Account Manager at SunSource.
NationalityConnor Grytdahl Nationality is American.
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Who is Connor Grytdahl :

Connor Grytdahl, a 30-year-old Caucasian male born in 1993 in Minnesota, United States, resides in Elbow Lake, Minnesota, America.

He is married to Katelyn Grytdahl, and they have two daughters. Connor attended Minnesota West Community and Technical College for his education. Throughout his career, he worked as a Shop Technician at Gulf Coast Fluid Power Services from 2011 to 2014, then as a System Design at Wilson Company from 2014 to 2016, followed by roles as an Inside Sales Representative at Hydradyne from 2016 to 2021, and later as an Inside Sales Specialist at MFCP – Motion & Flow Control Products, Inc. from 2021 to 2022. His most recent position was as an Account Manager at SunSource from 2022 to 2024.

Unfortunately, Connor’s life took a tragic turn when he was accused and convicted of second-degree murder of his brother, late Stephen Grytdahl, leading to his current status of being incarcerated.

Arrest of Connor Grytdahl for Shooting Brother

Connor Grytdahl, aged 30 and living in Elbow Lake, Minnesota, was arrested for shooting his brother, Stephen Grytdahl.

The incident happened during an argument, prompting Connor to call 911 himself. Law enforcement arrived quickly at their home but found no evidence of a struggle or the shooting as described by Connor.

Despite his claim, the shell casing’s location didn’t match. Connor accused his brother of violating probation conditions related to a DWI conviction by drinking alcohol. Currently, Connor is held in Breckenridge jail, with bail set at $1 million.

Tragic Shooting Incident Involving Connor Grytdahl and His Brother

Connor Grytdahl called for help around 11:28 p.m. as his brother Stephen was fatally shot. Despite efforts, Stephen couldn’t be saved and was declared dead at 11:41 p.m. Earlier, Connor had reported Stephen for breaking probation by drinking, related to a past DUI conviction.

Law enforcement responded but couldn’t reach Stephen’s parole officer, advising the brothers to stay apart. Connor admitted to arming himself after their initial visit, fearing trouble.

A heated argument led to the shooting, but inconsistencies were found in Connor’s story by law enforcement.

Today, in court, Connor faced second-degree murder charges with a bail set at $1 million, and he’s currently held in Breckenridge jail.

Tragic Turn for Connor Grytdahl and Family

Connor Grytdahl, a father of two, happily married to Katelyn Grytdahl, met during college and built a loving home in Elbow Lake with their two daughters.

However, their lives changed tragically in February 2024 when Connor was charged with murder.

Connor Grytdahl studied Hydraulics and Fluid Power Technology in college, earning his diploma while also working as a Shop Technician at Gulf Coast Fluid Power Services. He then became a system designer at Wilson Company, where he contributed to creating schematics. Connor later worked as an Inside Sales Representative at Hydradyne, refining his skills.

FAQ’s: Connor Grytdahl

Q1: How old is Connor Grytdahl?

Ans: Connor is 30 years old.

Q2: What was the name of Connor Grytdahl’s brother?

Ans: Connor Grytdahl’s brother was Stephen Grytdahl.

Q3: Who is Connor Grytdahl’s wife?

Ans: Connor Grytdahl’s wife is Katelyn Grytdahl.

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