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Celena Morrison General Information:

Full NameCelena Morrison
Friend/Family members:Celena Morrison
Age-Celena Morrison was 51 Years old.
height-Celena Morrison height was 5 feet 9 inch / 179 cm
weightCelena Morrison weight was 68 kg/150 pounds.
Birth date-Celena Morrison was born in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, in March 12,1972.
Profession-Celena Morrison served as the Executive Director of the Office of LGBT Affairs for the City of Philadelphia.
NationalityCelena Morrison Nationality is American.
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Who is Celena Morrison:

Celena Morrison-McLean, a 51-year-old transgender African-American woman, was born in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, in 1972. Currently residing in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, she is married to Darius McLean.

Standing at 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighing 150.5 pounds, Celena has brown eyes and black hair. She attended Parkland High School before embarking on a diverse career journey.

Celena has served as the Executive Director of the Office of LGBT Affairs for the City of Philadelphia since 2018, concurrently holding a position at the Pennsylvania Governor’s Office of General Counsel on the Pennsylvania Commission on LGBT Affairs since 2020.

Prior to her current roles, she held various positions including Director of Programs at the William Way Community Center, Grant Reviewer at the City of Philadelphia Department of Public Health, Community Engagement Specialist at the Mazzoni Center, and Recovery Specialist at Resources for Human Development

Advocacy and Policy Contributions

Celena Morrison has played a big role in making policies in Philadelphia. She’s worked on projects like the Employee Self-Identification Census and the Supporting Transitioning Employees Guidelines. These projects aim to make workplaces more inclusive for everyone.

Public Attention

Recently, Celena became famous after a video went viral. The video showed her husband, Darius McLean, in a tense situation with a police officer.

The officer told Darius to put his hands behind his back, and Celena tried to approach. The situation got worse when the officer told Celena to step back forcefully. This incident got a lot of attention from the media and the public.

Arrest of Celena Morrison and Darius McLean

A video of a tense traffic stop circulated online on March 2, 2024, leading to an investigation.

Celena Morrison, who leads the Office of LGBT Affairs in Philadelphia, and her husband, Darius McLean, were arrested during the traffic stop.

Morrison recorded part of the arrest, showing McLean on the ground and mentioning her connection to the mayor.

In the video, McLean expressed concerns about racial discrimination, but the trooper disagreed. The situation intensified as the trooper approached Morrison.

According to the police report, both Morrison and McLean were accused of resisting arrest, and the stop was initiated due to multiple vehicle violations. The video was initially posted on Facebook by Morrison’s sister but has been taken down.

Incident Involving Celena Morrison and Darius McClean

The Pennsylvania State Police made a statement about an incident involving Celena Morrison, who works as the executive director of the Philadelphia Mayor’s Office of LGBT Affairs, and her husband, Darius McClean.

It happened when Morrison drove up behind a police car during a traffic stop. McClean had a disagreement with the trooper after being stopped for multiple vehicle violations. Both McClean and Morrison resisted arrest, leading to charges like resisting arrest.

Celena Morrison: A Journey of Advocacy

Celena Morrison, aged 51, was born in 1972 in North Carolina, USA, and grew up with her sister LaTasha Morrison Sinclair in Winston-Salem. After attending Parkland High School, she pursued higher education, earning a bachelor’s degree from a respected college.

Celena’s career path started with two years as a trucker followed by a year as a Recovery Specialist at Resources for Human Development in Philadelphia. Driven by her passion for community engagement, she then joined the Mazzoni Center as a Community Engagement Specialist for nearly three years.

In 2016, she became a Grant Reviewer at the City of Philadelphia – Department of Public Health, where she diligently evaluated proposals for two years. In 2017, Celena took on the role of Director of Programs at the William Way Community Center, showcasing her commitment to LGBTQ initiatives.

FAQ’s: Celena Morrison

Q1: How old is Celena Morrison?

Ans: Celena Morrison is 51 years old.

Q2: Who is Celena Morrison’s husband?

Ans: Darius McLean.

Q3: Where does Celena Morrison live?

Ans: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States.

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