Ben Hatchett Net Worth 2024

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Ben Hatchett Net Worth 2024

Ben Hatchett introduction:

Ben is 31 years old boxer from united kingdom and reformed criminal who spent time in Broadmoor Hospital.

He did some bad things. But now, he’s changed his life around. He’s become someone who wants to help others and make good things happen.

He pursued a career in boxing and found success as a YouTube podcast host with his show titled “Let’s Be Real.”

Early Criminal History:

Ben Hatchett had a troubled youth and was convicted for knife crime offenses when he was a teenager.

Ben’s life took an extraordinary turn when he was sent to Broadmoor Hospital, a high-security psychiatric facility.

During his time there, he shared the facility with some of Britain’s most notorious criminals, including the Yorkshire Ripper, Peter Sutcliffe.

Violent Encounters:

Ben faced dangerous situations during his incarceration, including an attack by another inmate, Matthew Quesada, who had previously killed a man in a café.

This attack was a traumatic experience for Ben, marking his first exposure to extreme violence.

Work in Broadmoor:

While in Broadmoor, Ben worked in the facility’s canteen, where he had close contact with some of the most infamous inmates.

He mentioned encountering Robert Napper, a convicted killer who left a strong impression on him due to his menacing demeanor.

Positive Transformation:

After spending time at Broadmoor Hospital, Ben was later moved to Ashworth Hospital, another high-security facility, near Liverpool.

During his time there, he trained alongside Dale Cregan , who had killed two female police officers.

Ben’s experience taught him the importance of not passing judgment and separating people from their actions.

Encounter with Moors Murderer Ian Brady:

Ben also shared his proximity to Moors murderer Ian Brady during his incarceration.

He expressed his strong negative feelings towards Brady, considering him a “lying, evil piece of s***.”

Despite some inmates joking about taking Brady hostage, Ben clarified that these were merely jokes and not actual plans.

Reform and Positive Goals:

After Ben Hatchett got out of jail, he made a big change in his life. Now, he’s trying to become a boxer.

He also wrote a book to help people, and it’s called “The Law Of Attraction.” His life story is so interesting that a movie company bought the rights to make a film about it.

He’s doing a lot of positive things now.

Advocating for Positivity:

Ben really wants to make other people feel inspired and motivated by what he’s been through.

He wants to do good things, like writing his book and maybe starting a podcast, to help people grow and change in a positive way.

Ben’s story shows that even if you’ve had a tough past or been around really bad people, you can still become a better person and do good things.

Ben Hatchett Net Worth 2024

Total Net Worth-$ 2 million.
Full NameBen Hatchett
Friend/Family members:girlfriend: Danielle Mason was the girlfriend of Ben Hatchett.
Monthly Income-$ 40,000+
Age-Ben Hatchett is 31 years old.
height-5′ 7″   /   170cm
weight 67 kg / 147.71 Pounds.
Date of birth-Ben Hatchett was born on 29 June 1992.
ProfessionMMA Fighter ,Boxer.
NationalityBen Hatchett Nationality is British ,United Kingdom.
Ben Hatchett Net Worth 2024

Ben Hatchett Relationship:

Danielle Mason, who is the sister of a famous actress from EastEnders named Jessie Wallace was the ex-girlfriend of Ben Hatchett. Danielle Mason is a model and a mother of two.

Danielle and Ben’s romance began after Danielle reached out to him following an interview for his podcast.

Their first date took place near Broadmoor Hospital, where they walked and talked, allowing Danielle to learn more about Ben’s background and experiences.

Unfortunately, their relationship ended after approximately five months due to Ben’s increasing involvement in partying, which led Danielle to decide to call it quits.

Even though they broke up, Danielle and Ben didn’t have any hard feelings toward each other. They decided to concentrate on their own lives and personal growth.

Ben Hatchett Net Worth Analysis:

Ben Hatchett Net Worth 2023 $ 2 Million.
Ben Hatchett Net Worth 2022$ 1.5 Million.
Ben Hatchett Net Worth 2021$1. 4 Million.
Ben Hatchett Net Worth 2020$ 1.3 Million.
Ben Hatchett Net Worth 2019$ 1 Million.
Ben Hatchett Net Worth Analysis

Ben Hatchett Social Media:

1)Instagram220 posts
3,870 following
Instagram id: ben_hatchett_official
2)Tick talk660K Likes.
Tick Talk id: @ben_hatchett_official

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