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Autry Stephens General Information:

Full NameAutry Stephens
Friend/Family members:Autry Stephens married to Linda Stephens, with two children, including a daughter named Lyndal Suzanne Stephens.
Age-Autry Stephens was 85 years old.
height-Autry Stephens height is 5 feet 11 inch / 180cm
weightAutry Stephens weight is 82 kg/ 180 pounds.
Date of birth-Autry Stephens was born in March 20,1938 in Texas, United States.
Profession-Autry Stephens is a well-known actor and director in the USA, loved by many for his work in movies and behind the camera.
NationalityAutry Stephens Nationality is American.
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Who is Autry Stephens :

Autry C. Stephens, born in March 1938 in Texas, United States, is an 85-year-old American businessman known for his remarkable career in the energy sector.

He gained prominence as the founder of Endeavor Energy Resources LP, a significant player in the oil and gas industry.

Autry, a graduate of the University of Texas, stands at a height of 5 feet 11 inches (180.3 cm) with striking green eyes and brown hair.

Residing in Midland, Texas, he has made significant contributions to the field, amassing a net worth of $25.9 billion. Autry is happily married to Linda Stephens, and together they have two children.

Autry Stephens: From Farming Roots to Oil Industry Pioneer

Autry Stephens, who is now 85 years old, was born in DeLeon, After finishing his education at the University of Texas, where he got both his BS and MS degrees, he started working in the oil industry.

He began at the Humble Oil & Refining Company and later moved to the First National Bank of Midland as an appraisal engineer. It was during this time that he got interested in the oil business.

In the late 1970s, Autry decided to start his own journey in the oil industry. He focused on drilling vertically in the Permian Basin of west Texas. Then, in 1979, he founded his own company and drilled his first well in Midland County’s Spraberry Field. As time went on, Autry made smart moves by buying up more oil and gas properties and expanding his business through smart deals.

Autry Stephens went from being a farm boy to a leader in the oil industry. His story shows that with determination and smart decisions, you can achieve great things. Today, his influence still shapes the oil business, proving that taking chances and adapting to changes can lead to success.
Autry Stephens started his oil journey when vertical drilling was common, digging deep into the oil-rich layers of the Permian Basin in west Texas. Back in 1979, he began his own operation, drilling his first well in Midland County’s Spraberry Field.

Seeing chances to grow, he smartly bought up oil and gas properties, expanding his land holdings and making clever business deals to ride out tough times in the market.

The Entrepreneurial Success and Private Family Man:

Autry Stephens is an American entrepreneur who’s made it big in the energy industry. He’s also a family man, happily married to Linda Stephens, with two children, including a daughter named Lyndal Suzanne Stephens.

Even though he’s achieved a lot, Autry likes to keep his family life private, rarely sharing about them on social media or in public. Besides his business ventures, he finds happiness in his married life, striking a balance between work success and personal joy.

FAQ’s: Autry Stephens

Q1: How old is Autry Stephens?

Ans: Autry is 86.

Q2: How much is Autry Stephens’ net worth?

Ans: $25.9 billion.

Q3: Who is Autry Stephens’ wife?

Ans: Linda Stephens.

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