Anand Sujith Henry Murder-Suicide 2024

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Anand Sujith Henry General Information:

Full NameAnand Sujith Henry
Friend/Family members:Anand Sujith Henry wife Alice Benziger, and their two sons
Age-Anand Sujith Henry is now 37 years old.
height-Anand Sujith Henry height is 5 feet 7 inch / 173.784 cm
weightAnand Sujith Henry weight is 62 kg/ 136 pounds.
Date of birth-Anand Sujith Henry WasBorn on November 13, 1986, in Kerala, India.
Profession-Anand Sujith Henry is an Software Engineering Manager roles at Meta and Google.
NationalityAnand Sujith Henry Nationality is Indian-American .
In above Table Anand Sujith Henry General Information is provided.

San Mateo Police Update on Henry Family Tragedy

The San Mateo police department recently shared details about the tragic deaths of Anand Sujith Henry, his wife Alice Benziger, and their two young sons.

According to the police, both Anand and Alice were found with gunshot wounds, with Anand being identified as the suspect. A handgun registered to Anand was found at the scene.

However, the cause of death for the two boys is still being investigated, as they didn’t suffer gunshot wounds or show signs of bodily trauma.

This news sheds light on the heartbreaking events, leaving the community saddened and searching for answers. The police continue to work diligently to understand what happened and bring closure to this devastating case.

Who is Anand Sujith Henry :

Anand Sujith Henry, a talented software engineer of Indian-American descent, tragically passed away in February 2024, at the age of 37, in a disturbing incident marked as a murder-suicide.

Born on November 13, 1986, in Kerala, India, Henry had a notable educational background, having studied at Carnegie Mellon University and Singapore Management University.

Throughout his career, he held various esteemed positions, including Software Engineering Manager roles at Meta and Google, co-founding Logits in 2023, and serving as Co-Founder and CTO of Dopios from 2012 to 2013.

Henry’s expertise extended to companies like Eventbrite and He leaves behind a grieving family, including his wife, Alice Benziger, and their two sons.

Henry’s legacy in the software engineering community remains profound, marked by his contributions and leadership roles in several prominent tech companies. His online presence is reflected through his Instagram and Facebook profiles, while his professional journey can be traced on LinkedIn.

Anand Henry’s : A Brief Overview:

Anand Henry began his journey in the world of technology back in 2009 as an intern at Adobe Systems.

This initial four-month experience laid a solid foundation for his career, providing valuable insights into software development.

In February 2010, Anand transitioned into a role as a Software Engineer at, where he honed his skills for over two years. He then moved to Eventbrite in October 2011, spending nearly three years contributing to the company’s success.

Anand’s career took a significant leap when he joined Google as a Software Engineering Manager, dedicating over 7.5 years to the tech giant. In February 2022, he made a bold move to Meta, formerly known as Facebook, marking a new phase in his professional journey.

Tragedy Strikes California Family: Anand Sujith Henry and Family Found Deceased:

The Henry family, consisting of Anand Sujith Henry, his wife Alice Benziger, and their four-year-old twins, Noah and Neithan, faced a devastating fate in their California home.

Anand, a 37-year-old Indian-American software engineer and entrepreneur, alongside his wife, who worked as a senior analyst, were respected professionals who had spent nearly a decade in the United States.

Living in San Mateo County for the past two years, the family was known for their friendly demeanor, hard work, and dedication to parenting.

However, their promising lives were tragically cut short when they were found lifeless in their home.

The circumstances surrounding their deaths remain unclear, with the police awaiting autopsy and forensic analysis results.

While two victims showed signs of gunshot wounds, the cause of death for the other two remains undetermined. Authorities are exploring the possibility of a murder-suicide, although alternative scenarios have not been ruled out.

In the wake of this tragedy, the Indian Consulate in San Francisco is offering consular assistance to the grieving family members in India.

The entire Indian American community mourns the loss of the Henry family, and the police have appealed to the public for any information that could aid in the investigation.

Anand Sujith Henry: A Journey in Technology

Anand Sujith Henry, born on November 13, 1984, in Kerala, India, had an inspiring journey driven by ambition and hard work. Growing up in a typical Indian family, he completed his schooling locally before aiming for higher education abroad.

Anand pursued his studies at Carnegie Mellon University and later earned a degree in management from Singapore Management University. His determination to succeed led him to intern at Adobe Systems in 2009, where he laid the groundwork for his career in software development.

Over the years, Anand sharpened his skills at companies like and Eventbrite, gaining valuable experience along the way. However, it was at Google where he truly made his mark, serving as a Software Engineering Manager for over seven years.

In February 2022, Anand embarked on a new chapter by joining Meta, formerly known as Facebook, where he continued to excel in his field. Driven by innovation, he ventured into entrepreneurship, founding Logits to explore the emerging field of Generative.

Tragically, in February 2024, Anand’s promising career was cut short by a heartbreaking event. Despite this, his legacy in the world of technology lives on, inspiring others to pursue their dreams with unwavering determination.

FAQ’s: Anand Sujith Henry

Q1: How old was Anand Sujith Henry?

Ans: Anand Sujith Henry was 37 Years old.

Q2: From where was Anand Sujith Henry?

Ans: He was from Kerala, India but had been living in the United States for a long time.

Q3: Who was Anand Sujith Henry married to?

Ans: Anand Sujith Henry married to Alice Benziger.

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